Economy goes out to look for funds to buy back debt held by the Central Bank

Economy goes out to look for funds to buy back debt held by the Central Bank

The Treasury Palace called for bidding for this Tuesday with three zero-coupon CER-adjustable bonds with maturities in 2026, 2027 and 2028.

Ignacio Petunchi

The Ministry of Economy will go out this Tuesday to seek funding to repurchase Treasury bonds that are in the Central Bank’s portfoliowhich currently total $31.1 billion and represent 20.3% of the financial entity’s assets, according to its latest weekly balance sheet.

The call is carried out after a week in which the bond market for importers, the BOPREAL, was unlocked, which allowed the generation of a new source of peso absorption, which kept financial dollars low. On the other hand, last week the Economy was able to place some $4 billion in Treasury bonds to cover January commitments.

“Financial balance in 2024 is a central commitment of the Ministry of Economy that eliminates the need to resort to debt to finance the fiscal deficit. In a framework where we observe market interest in extending deadlines, the product of this tender isand will be used to repurchase Treasury debt in the BCRA portfolio”, points out Economy in the market.

To do this, it will make available three inflation-adjustable bonds, BONCER with zero coupon, that is, they pay interest at the end of the period, with maturities on June 30, 2026, 2027 and 2028.

According to official data from the entity led by Santiago Bausili, the Central It has Treasury bonds in pesos in its portfolio for a total of $31.1 billion, which represents 20.3% of its assets.

Source: Ambito

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