They make the increase for state officials official in February, how much will they charge?

They make the increase for state officials official in February, how much will they charge?

This had already been announced by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, through X in the midst of the general strike of the CGT.

This Monday, January 29, the salary increase for permanent and non-permanent staff included in the General Collective Labor Agreement for the National Public Administration. Something that the new Minister of Economy had announcedLuis Caputothrough X in the midst of the CGT general strike.

According to what the head of the Treasury said, at that time said increase “will not apply to ministers, secretaries or undersecretaries”these “will receive any increase, which will result in a 20% drop in your real salary“.

Thus, this Monday, through decree 90/2024 published in the Official Gazette, a 16% salary increase was approved with validity starting January 1, 2024applicable to the approved monthly, normal, habitual, regular and permanent remunerations in force as of December 31, 2023.

The salary increase will apply to all scales and degrees of the General Collective Labor Agreement, with the exception of the Higher Authorities of the Jurisdictions, Entities and Organizations of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWERnor to officials with equivalent rank and hierarchy.

Also sets the remunerations of National Resident Professionals who work in Hospital Establishments and Institutes and Organizations that depend on the MINISTRY OF HEALTH and at the SAMIC PEDIATRICS HOSPITAL “PROFESSOR DR. JUAN P. GARRAHAN”, according to the values ​​and from the date detailed below:

  • BOSS: $821,973 as of 1/1/2024
  • 4TH YEAR: $768,065 as of 1/1/2024
  • 3rd YEAR: $768,065 as of 1/1/2024
  • 2nd YEAR: $698,452 as of 1/1/2024
  • 1ST YEAR: $623,320 as of 1/1/2024

The decree also establishes that the increase referred to in the Minutes of Agreement will not be extended to the fixed monthly non-rewardable remuneration sums.

Finally, the decree empowers the TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SECTOR SALARY POLICY to dictate the explanatory and complementary rules that would give rise to the application of this decree.

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