Agriculture: Farmers in France start blockade around Paris

Agriculture: Farmers in France start blockade around Paris

French farmers have been blocking highways across the country for around a week. Although the government is reaching out to farmers, the protests are spreading. Now in focus: the highways around Paris.

In the fight for better working and living conditions, French farmers have started blocking highways around Paris. The police mobilized a large contingent of armored vehicles to prevent a standstill in the capital and a blockade of the two Paris airports and the Rungis wholesale market.

Farmers continued their protests, which began a week ago, in other parts of the country by blocking highways. “Our end will be your hunger” or “I love my job, but I want to be able to make a living from it,” said protest banners.

A test for the newly formed government

President Emmanuel Macron discussed the situation with parts of the cabinet in the afternoon. The protests are a test for the government that was formed just three weeks ago and the new Prime Minister Gabriel Attal. Attal made far-reaching promises of aid to farmers on Friday.

On Sunday, while visiting a farm, he promised additional measures against unfair competition from other countries. So far, the promises have not gone far enough for farmers. Their protests are directed against excessive standards and regulations, including from the EU, and the farmers are also fighting for sufficient income.

Consultations with the agricultural unions in the evening

According to media reports, on Monday evening Attal wanted to consult again with the agricultural unions that had called for the blockades. Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau promised further, rapid relief for farmers on Monday.

Meanwhile, the farmers received support from non-political sources on Monday at a blockade post on the A4. The presenter of the French format of “Bauer sucht Frau” (“L’amour est dans le pré”), Karine Le Marchand, encouraged the demonstrators and brought them numerous croissants.

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