Changing values: Why people under 30 change jobs more often

Changing values: Why people under 30 change jobs more often
Institute director Michaela Kreitmayer (Tomsich)
Image: Philipp Tomsich

Those under 30 feel less committed to their employer than the previous generation, say 90 percent of managers. This is one of the core statements of the management report from the Hernstein Institute for Management of the Austrian Economic Chamber: 1,500 Austrian and German managers were surveyed, 623 in Austria.

76 percent of all managers see younger employees as less reluctant to change jobs, says institute director Michaela Kreitmayer: They would also leave the company for significantly fewer reasons than previous generations.

Perspective as a binding agent

The reasons vary: 28 percent of those surveyed say that there are changes in the living conditions and demands of this group of employees on a company and that this is the main cause of declining loyalty. Another factor is a change in social values. In addition, due to a lack of staff, there are many opportunities to try out more professionally. “The much-discussed life balance, often known as work-life balance, was cited less frequently (9 percent) as a reason for lower employee retention,” says Kreitmayer.

But there are ways to counteract this: From the perspective of managers, the working atmosphere is by far the most important factor in retaining employees, at 74 percent. 62 percent say that interesting career prospects can increase loyalty. There is also the monetary incentive (63 percent) and flexibility (51 percent).

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