how much will it cost to travel from this Saturday

how much will it cost to travel from this Saturday

The taxi fare will experience a new rise that began to rule from this Saturday. After the increase file will cost $67.50.

He increase in taxis it will be of fifty%but the increase will be divided into two sections. The first of the increases will be the one that impacts from this Saturday and the remainder of the increase will be applied from March 1st.

He Buenos Aires government considers necessary “to carry out a recomposition of the rate applicable to the Public Taximetered Rental Car Service for the purposes of restore profitability and quality in the provision of the service”.

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Taxis: how much will it cost to travel starting this Saturday

He first adjustment will take the value of the token to $67.50. The flag lowering will cost $657in daytime, Meanwhile in night time The values ​​will be $78.80 and $788respectively.

Furthermore, for March the costs will go to $85.40 for the file and $854 down of flag in daytime and $102.50 in it night.


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Increase in public transport: subway fare goes up

Meanwhile, since this Sunday will govern a increase in subway farewhich will have a value of $125. This adjustment, like that of taxis, was published in the Official City Gazette.

The state Buenos Aires Subways (SBASE) reported the new farewhich will take effect from Sunday, and will take the cost from the current $110 to$125within the framework of the second increase so far in 2024. Thus, will rise 13.6%.

“The update responds, mainly, to the technical rate variationwhich reflects the cost of operating the service and consists of the quotient between said costs and the number of paid passengers, in such a way as to maintain the public transportation system sustainable,” SBASE indicated.

From the February 4 will be applied second tranche of the tariff update approved by resolution 27 of the SBASE board of directors, of a 56% totalwhich included a first rise at the beginning of January, from $80 to $110; and the next that will climb to $125. In turn, the Premeter will be worth $43.75.

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