Change of leadership in the stock market game

Change of leadership in the stock market game
Main prize in the student competition: a brand new e-bike

Explore the world of financial markets in a playful and risk-free manner: This is what the OÖN stock exchange game stands for in collaboration with Raiffeisen Upper Austria. Each participant receives a fictitious starting capital of 50,000 euros to invest in the financial markets worldwide. All securities listed on the homepage at oon-boersespiel.at can be fictitiously bought and sold.

There were leadership changes in all categories at the weekend: In the adults category, Martina Stadler (+8.59 percent) leads ahead of Florentina Strasser (+8.04 percent) and Andreas Perci (+8.01 percent). Martin Kobler is in the lead among students (plus 8.01 percent), and among classes the Polytechnic Obernberg/Inn (+6.83 percent).

Great prizes await the winners. The main prize is a Suzuki Swift Hybrid clear worth 16,990 euros. The main prize for the students is a Hrinkow E-Force FS Shimano e-bike worth 5249 euros, provided by the OÖN. The best school class gets to go to a LASK home game including meals in the Raiffeisen Arena worth 2,000 euros.

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