Manuel Adorni on the failure of the omnibus law: The adjustment will be greater

Manuel Adorni on the failure of the omnibus law: The adjustment will be greater

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, pointed out today that the Government “I was not going to allow the omnibus law to be scrapped”which had to return to committee this Tuesday, and warned that, until it is approved, the economic adjustment “will be greater” so the governors will be “the most affected.”

This afternoon, the Chamber of Deputies decided that the project Bases law -initiative of the national government- would be treated again in commissions, after being approved in general last Friday.

“We were not going to allow the law to be scrapped,” he stated. the presidential spokesperson in statements to La Nación+.

In this sense, Adorni criticized the opposition and maintained that “some of the politics are not up to par.”

“You have to see what the people voted for and the people voted for what the President (Javier Milei). Those who they obstruct the law from moving forward are those who want to live in the past. There is a status quo that does not intend to give way,” postulated the presidential spokesperson.

In this regard, he said that “Caste knows that it is obstructing the change that the people chose. The law will be discussed and will end up being approved. “Argentina is not going to move forward if it is not deregulated.”

Adorni warned that “the adjustment will be greater” and targeted the governors

Then, when asked about a possible economic adjustment, Adorni He indicated: “The Minister (of Economy) already explained it well. Luis Caputo. The time we wait to get out of the crisis will be a little longer and the adjustment will be greater. We are going to continue in that line. The adjustment will be greater“.

Regarding who would be the most affected by the adjustment, Adorni indicated: “The governors will be affected and every government expense will be analyzed.”

Regarding a potential confrontation with the governors, he maintained: “The President has made the decision since December 10. Here it does not matter what the governors and legislators do. It will be with the tools that the constitution allows them.” .

“We are not going to allow extortion, nor for the law to dismantle us, nor for them to go against change. We are going to move forward and we are going to turn Argentina around,” he asserted.

What will happen with the omnibus law

According to the considerations of the Chamber of Deputies, when a project returns to committee it must be treated from scratch. This is determined by the article 155 of the chamber’s regulations: “A project that, after being sanctioned in general, or in general and partially in particular, returns to committee, when considered again by the Chamber, will be submitted to the ordinary procedure as if it had not received any sanction.”

In this way, the omnibus bill It must be submitted again for debate in the respective committees on Constitutional Affairs, General Legislation, and Budget and Finance.

Once there, the officialdom will resume the dialogue with the opposition to try to reach new consensus that will allow him to sign a new opinion. If this is achieved, only at that moment will they be able to reconvene a session in the chamber so that, once again, the deputies can discuss their treatment in general.

It is worth remembering that The approval will not be valid in general who obtained the project last Friday, after more than three days of heated discussions and extensive debates in Deputies.

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