Chemical industry: BASF: Great potential for artificial intelligence

Chemical industry: BASF: Great potential for artificial intelligence

BASF wants more digitalization without creating gateways for cyber attacks. The group is increasingly relying on artificial intelligence – “with a keen eye and constant risk assessment”.

The BASF Group sees great potential for artificial intelligence (AI) in the chemical industry. “The question is not whether AI will have a significant impact on industrial companies, but how quickly it will happen,” said Chief Digital Officer Dirk Elvermann to the news agencies dpa and dpa-AFX. “What exactly and how will this happen?” BASF is testing AI with thousands of employees. “Each unit has specific experiences.”

As an example, BASF points to a digital tool in the area of ​​hand dishwashing detergents. Here, artificial intelligence is used for a more powerful platform for digital customer inquiries. In agriculture, machine learning is used to help farmers plant efficiently using algorithms.

The huge potential of artificial intelligence cannot currently be specifically estimated, said Elvermann. “We’re trying it out. For example, we’re testing ChatGPT not as open source, but protected in our domain.” You should get used to working with generative artificial intelligence. “The goals we are pursuing are efficiency gains, but also growth and new business models.”

BASF works “with a keen eye and constant risk assessment” in digitalization. “Cybersecurity is extremely important. We are critical infrastructure – so we must protect our assets and intellectual property.” One of the main entry points for attacks is cyber. “That’s why we try to secure the digital solutions we develop so that nothing happens,” said Elvermann.

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