New prices 2024: What became more expensive on a ski holiday

New prices 2024: What became more expensive on a ski holiday
You’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets for a skiing holiday this year.

By far the largest cost factors on a ski holiday are accommodation and meals, where prices have increased by an average of 13 and 12 percent, respectively, shows an analysis by the trade union-affiliated Momentum Institute using data from Statistics Austria. Lift tickets, ski courses and ski rentals became 8 percent more expensive. The only thing that was cheaper was traveling by car.

Traveling by car became cheaper

Since fuel prices have fallen by an average of almost 9 percent compared to the previous year, travel has become cheaper. The cost of traveling by train rose by 4.5 percent and was therefore below average. However, the price for travel by coach or as part of a package tour increased more significantly than average inflation, at 9 and 10 percent respectively. Annual inflation was 7.8 percent in 2023.

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According to the momentum analysis, equipment prices rose less than average inflation. Hoods and gloves now cost 4.5 percent more than a year ago, skis and snowboards have increased in price by 3.5 percent. The prices for sunglasses and walking sticks increased by an average of 8 percent, and those for suitcases and travel bags by 10 percent.

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