Which one pays more and how much you win if you deposit $200,000

Which one pays more and how much you win if you deposit $200,000

The virtual wallets They’re a option that does not stop growing when doing surrender the weights. In this framework, currently the returns offered in all cases are less than 100%.

The benefits of using a paid account are: invest money without freezing, obtain daily earnings and have the funds at any time without a redemption period.

Making your salary work: which wallet offers the best returns

Orange leads this ranking since it promises an annual rate of 95% (7.91% monthly). It is worth clarifying that this wallet pays returns up to a limit of $200,000. In this framework, we can calculate that with that amount of balance, after 30 days the user will have $215,820.

This wallet has a categorization By levelsdepending on the consumption level made through the app. For example, him first level offers a 87% annually (7.25% monthly). In this way, in one month the $200,000 deposited in this wallet will become $214,500. In the case of Level 2the performance is 92% and the third provides a 94%.

Offers an annual interest of 86.08% (7.17% monthly), so when entering with $200,000 will get away with $214,340 after 30 days.

This wallet rewards balances at 84.98% annualwhich is equivalent to a 7.08% monthly. Thus, an investment of $200,000 will leave a sum of principal plus interest equivalent to $214,160.

Investments: remunerated accounts or fixed term?

A few days before the inauguration of the government of Javier Mileithe new management of central bank (BCRA) determined the reduction of interest rates. In this framework, currently the annual performance of a traditional fixed term It is 110% annual (9.15% monthly).

Therefore, in the case of investing in a fixed term, an investment of $200,000 will leave a total of capital plus income of $218,082.19.

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