Tariff dispute: Warning strike paralyzes Leipzig/Halle and Dresden airports

Tariff dispute: Warning strike paralyzes Leipzig/Halle and Dresden airports

Thousands of vacationers have to reschedule. With a 48-hour warning strike, employees at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden airports are bringing passenger traffic to a complete standstill.

Nothing works anymore at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden airports. All passenger flights were canceled on Monday due to the warning strike by employees of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG. “More than 100 flights at both airports combined are affected,” said a spokesman for the company. The vacation plans of thousands of passengers were ruined. The two-week school holidays began in Saxony last weekend.

The Verdi union called on the employees of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG to go on a 48-hour warning strike early on Sunday morning. Since then, all passenger flights have been canceled, as shown on the departure boards. According to Verdi, around 1,300 people work at both airports. Air traffic should resume as planned on Tuesday night.

The union wants to use the campaign to put pressure on the collective bargaining dispute with the airport operator. She is calling for an increase in table fees of 650 euros for 2024 as well as an inflation compensation payment of 3,000 euros. Verdi described the employer’s offer – an increase in remuneration of 330 euros over the next three years and an inflation compensation payment of 2,200 euros – as falling short of expectations.

Negotiations at the end of the month

Collective bargaining is scheduled to continue at the end of February. By then, talks had been agreed between working groups from both parties. “Against this background, such a massive strike is absolutely incomprehensible and difficult to convey to passengers and airline customers,” emphasized the airport operator’s spokesman.

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