The UBA expressed its extreme concern about the budget crisis in the face of Javier Milei’s adjustment

The UBA expressed its extreme concern about the budget crisis in the face of Javier Milei’s adjustment

He Academic Council of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) This Tuesday he expressed his “extreme concern regarding the budget situation” that the house of studies is going through due to the freezing of educational spending and the non-call for joint elections by the Government of Javier Milei. Teacher unions announced strike and the crisis in education worsens.

Through a statement issued this afternoon, the Academic Council of the house of higher studies considered the public university education as “a pride of the society based on pillars of free, autonomy, secularism and social inclusionwith the highest academic qualitypromotion of research and commitment to society” that requires “adequate financing to develop its activities.”

Given the inflation recorded in 2023 and the beginning of 2024, he considered “it is necessary to express the state of extreme concern of the university community” and petition “before the corresponding government areas in order to guarantee the continuity of their functions in teaching, research, health and extension”, as well as “the activities within the scope of their Faculties, Pre-university Colleges, Hospitals and in all his university facilities”.

Given the critical situation, the Academic Council entrusted its rector, Ricardo Gelpi, make arrangements with the Ministry of Human Capital to “guarantee the continuity of its functions in teaching, research, health and extension”.

Inflation and salary freeze impact the functioning of the UBA

The Academic Council stated that in the last year “the University operating expenses have suffered a growth impact at the rate of inflation well above 200%” while they increased “by 50% accumulated for the two-month period December – January”, without prejudice to those expenses linked to the health function, which “record increases well above the mentioned values, reaching in some cases interannual growth of the 1000%”.

The inflationary impact, added to the wage freeze, “have resulted in a sharp deterioration in the income of the University’s teachers and non-teachers.” It is worth remembering that the national administration decided to extend the 2023 Budget for the current year, so the items do not take into account the inflationary increase registered last year, which exceeded 200%.

In the resolution, they clarify that The university budget “covers both salaries and operating expenses that guarantee functions in teaching, research, health and extension” and they point out that The current circumstances “are severely affecting the University of Buenos Aires.”which is the most important higher education institution in the national university system, with international recognition that positions it as one of the best-rated Houses of Higher Studies in Ibero-America.”

The UBA asked to update the budget to continue operating

The decision of Academic Council to mandate the rector of the UBA focuses on carrying out the pertinent procedures before the Ministry of Human Capital to activate “teaching and non-teaching parity, update the budget allocated to operating expenses and for the assignment and update of the items linked to the health function, vital for the functioning of the Welfare Institutes”.

Finally, they reported that they will request the “Head of the Cabinet of Ministers the allocation of the necessary budget for science and technology activities, in order to sustain a system that is an essential pillar of maintaining quality research and teaching in our public universities.”


The resolution of the Academic Council of the National University of Buenos Aires.

Teachers announced strike for Monday, February 26

The resolution of the UBA arises in parallel to the call of four teaching unions with national scope (UDA, CEA, AMET and SADOP) still teacher strike throughout the country for him Monday February 26day in which the start of classes in ten districts of Argentina.

The unions subject the measure to a joint call by the National government and to the assembly that will be held next Thursday, in which they could ratify the measure.

We were waiting for a reflection from the national government to contribute jointly to building an educational system that serves those who prepare in Argentine schools,” he said in an interview with TN. Sergio Romeroreference of Argentine Teachers Union (UDA)and incorporated the request for “that the task of the teacher be dignified with good salaries and school buildings but it seems that it is not in the interest of the Government, that it does not call.”

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