how much will they charge in March 2024

how much will they charge in March 2024

The Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECYS) and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CAC), the Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) and the Union of Commercial Entities (Udeca) signed a monthly joint agreement with an increase of 17 .6% for February, bringing the base salary to $658,000 with presenteeism.

Furthermore, in the midst of the high inflation scenario, it was agreed to negotiate again in March.

About, Armando Cavalieri, general secretary of FAECYShighlighted: “In this complex context, it is imperative to secure monthly agreements to guarantee salary protection against the scourge of inflation and protect workers’ income. We will continue negotiating month by month.”

He salary agreementwhich was signed at the Ministry of Labor of the Ministry of Human Capital of the Nation, corresponds to theto Commerce that runs from April 2023 to March 2024.

The increase for commercial employees

What was agreed was a non-remunerative increase of 17.6% for Februarytaking the month of December as the basis for its determination – with all its remunerative and non-remunerative amounts plus 11% – which leads to the basic salary at $658,000 with presentism. It was agreed to negotiate again in March.

The non-remunerative amount mentioned will be incorporated into the scales for the month of April 2024, for its nominal value.

Until when is the salary agreement in force?

What was agreed has valid from February 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024without prejudice to which the parties agreed to meet in March 2024 to analyze the economic variations that may have occurred.

It is clarified thatThe increases in the agreement in question are not binding on salary agreements that could be subscribed in the area of ​​the city of Río Grande, province of Tierra del Fuego, without prejudice to the fact that the sums resulting from the agreed increases constitute the conventional minimum in force as of the approval.

Salary scales for Commercial Employees

Workers in this sector will experience an 11% increase in their base salary during the month of February. This increase is added to the last adjustment of the 13.5% granted in Januarywhich represented the last installment of the joint agreement of 2023.

Additionally, A non-remunerative increase of 20% will be applied to the basic salary during the subsequent three months.


  • Category A: $529,330.01
  • Category B: $530,862.37
  • Category C: $536,230.99


  • Category A: $536,039.45
  • Category B: $537,384.31
  • Category C: $539,684.21
  • Category D: $546,587.89
  • Category E: $552,339.61
  • Category F: $560,777.00


  • Category A: $536,998.54
  • Category B: $539,684.21
  • Category C: $543,136.06

Auxiliary Staff:

  • Category B: $540,833.48
  • Category C: $553,490.23
  • Specialized Assistant:
  • Category A: $541,602.34
  • Category B: $548,504.68


  • Category A: $536,998.54
  • Category B: $548,506.02
  • Category D: $560,777.00

Commercial Employee Agreement and the “Non-Remunerative”

The current agreement establishes that non-remunerative amounts are considered to calculate various additional concepts and benefits, such as:

  • Additional for presenteeism
  • Antiquity
  • Title (according to CCT 547/08)
  • Supplementary annual salary
  • Next Salary Meeting

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