reduce income limits to receive assistance

reduce income limits to receive assistance
February 26, 2024 – 07:46

The Executive Branch reduced the income limits to collect the plan and mobility will be applied to the update of family group income limits and ranges.


This Monday, the Executive Branch modified Law 27,160 on Family Allowances and reduced the income limits to collect the plan. This was established through a decree published in the Official bulletin.

As of March 2023, the income ceiling of the Family’s asignations with the floor of Income Tax. “With each update of the floor at which Income Tax begins to be taxed, the ceiling up to which Family Allowances are received will also be updated,” they had explained at that time.

Now him Executive power considerably reduced the income caps and specified: “Mobility will be applied to the amount of family allowances and to the updating of the limits and income ranges of the family group that determine the collection, in cases where its use corresponds.”

Through the decree 194/2024, The Government reduced the established income limit of $1,980,000 to $1,077,403. Meanwhile, the maximum family limit went from $3,960,000 to $2,154,806.

“The income limit provided for in the preceding article includes the update provided for in Law No. 27,160 and its modifications, in terms of the mobility that corresponds to the monthly March 2024,” they indicated.

In addition, repealed article 6 of law 27,160 that It did not allow the same holder to receive benefits from the family allowance regime and at the same time apply the special deduction for children or spouses provided for in the Income Tax.

“This measure is intended to implement an equitable distribution of resources based on the cardinal principle of social solidarity in response to the rational, effective and efficient use of public resources,” they expressed in the recitals of the decree.

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