Parity for domestic workers: how much they will earn in March

Parity for domestic workers: how much they will earn in March
February 27, 2024 – 12:48

The last joint agreement for domestic workers had been signed in September. The next meeting will be on April 17.

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The assets of the domestic workers will receive a raise after two months of being frozen. This was achieved thanks to the agreement reached between the Government and the National Commission for Work in Private Homes. The update will not impact the January salary but it will impact the February and March.

The last joint agreement of the domestic workers It had been signed in September. Then, in December, the union explained to Ambit that, for unknown reasons, the commission was not summoned for the meeting that was scheduled for that month. On the other hand, it was agreed that the next meeting be the April 17th.

Domestic workers: increases for what they worked in February

The agreed increase is 35% in two sections. There was no update for January nor will there be retroactively. However, regarding Februaryif it has already been paid, it must be recalculated with a 20% increase.


In this way, the people who carry out general tasks in private homes and are hired per hour or per day The following amounts correspond to them:

  • Per hour with withdrawal: $1,700
  • Per hour without withdrawal: $1,834

In February, those who work with a monthly scheme They will charge the following amounts per full day:

  • Monthly with withdrawal: $208,510
  • Monthly without withdrawal: $231,860

These values ​​respond only to the salaryso the employer must also pay the costs of antiquity, retirement contributions and social work.

In March will apply the remaining 15% increase agreed. In this way, the amounts will change and will be located like this:

  • Minimum hourly income with withdrawal: $1955
  • Minimum hourly income without withdrawal: $2109

Meanwhile, the monthly remuneration If you work full time it will rise to $239,786 in the first case already $266,639 In a second.

Source: Ambito

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