one by one, the 8 increases that will hit the pocket in March

one by one, the 8 increases that will hit the pocket in March

For the EcoGo consultancy, The estimate for February inflation is 15.9%, so for March they expect it to be still above that level, at around 17%.

Food and beverages, which had slowed down sharply, now the weekly increases seem stable at weekly increases of approximately 2%,” indicates the economist. And he adds: “For March, “A new wave of regulated markets arrives, gas has a strong weight in the CPI basket and we do not rule out a new increase in transportation.”


In terms of increases, the ones that put the most pressure and complications, fuels appear. The Government confirmed the increase in gasoline that will rise 4.4% from Friday, March 1st.

In the case of gasoline, the Milei government will apply andOn March 1st the second partial increase in taxes on liquid fuel (ICL) and carbon dioxide (CDI), iitems that will impact the price per liter of gasoline and diesel.

In this way, adjustments of between 4.4% and 2.7%, respectively, are expected. Thus, it is expected that the liter of super escal gasoline $ 32.63 above current values ​​and $ 21.12 for diesel.

long distance transportation

In long distance trains, There will be new reference values ​​for long-distance trains, whether interurban regional and interjurisdictional: Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata, $4,493; Bs As-Pinamar; $3896. Buenos Aires-Bahía Blanca, $7691; Bs As-Córdoba, from $7900.

Private schools

As for the AMBA private schools, in province The increase will be 50%, and in CABA 40%.

In this way, the category will be one of those that exerts the most pressure on pockets, in addition to the exorbitant increases in uniforms and the basket of products for back to school, another adjustment in the fees of private schools in CABA and the province of Buenos Aires.

In Buenos Aires schools, fees will have an increase of up to 50% in the fees for the third month of the year; In the City, the estimate will be an average increase of 40%.


In the case of prepaid, the increase will be 23% average over the February valueand the third consecutive adjustment so far this year.

So far in 2024, prepaid users have received an increase in tariffs 30% in January and 26% in February.

Electricity rates

As for the light tickets, They will arrive with a increase of up to 150%. According to Energy, the rate segmentation that contemplates three universes of users will continue to be in force, but determined by the Total Basic Basket (CBT): high, medium and low income.

In the case of the high income users, they no longer receive subsidies and pay the full cost of the supply. The level 1 rates (that is, the highest income) will go from $13,900 to $34,332, which means an increase of 150%. And for him Level 2 (low income) the rate will be around $ 7500, which represents an increase of 70%. For those of level 3 (average income), the estimated increase will be around 65%.

Domestic workers

In the domestic employees category, lto Work Commission in Private Homes closed the first increase of the year for domestic employees who will receive a raise divided into two installments: 20% in February and another 15% in March non-cumulative (that is, to make the two adjustments, salaries from last December must be taken).

For those people who are paid monthly, in March they will receive a 20% adjustment (from February): in this way, the fifth category (and the most in demand), general tasks employees, will receive a salary of $231,860.40 (for those with withdrawal) and $280,509.60 (without withdrawal).

It is the first increase of the year: the previous increase had been 34% in September 2023 and was paid in three installments. With this percentage, last year private workers accumulated a 154% salary increase against an inflation of 211.4%.


For their part, in rentals, despite the fact that Javier Milei has already repealed the Rental Law, the Current contracts must be fulfilled until their expiration. This means that those who rented under the previous law They will have to face increases of 165.5% annually.

Consequently, all housing rentals that have formally begun between July 2020 and October 17, 2023 continue to be governed by law 27,551.

The March increase It will mark a new record since it will exceed the 147.1% applied in February and the 137.5% in January.


The taxi fares, For its part, it will suffer a new increase in the value of its token in the City of Buenos Aires. The second increase agreed by the Buenos Aires government will be 30%.

Thus, the value of the token during daytime will go to $85.40 and the lowering of the flag – which has a price equivalent to ten tokens – at $854. For the night, the costs will be $102.50 and $1025.

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