They are liquefying my retirement

They are liquefying my retirement

“It seems to me that they are liquidating my retirement,” he was indignant. the economist in his account of

I affirm that He is charging the same as in January and December and that due to this adjustment the libertarian administration “has a fiscal surplus.”

The former vice minister of Economy during the mandate of the former president Carlos Saul Menem (1997/1998) stated: “I just collected my retirement of February. It is the same amount as that of January and that of December (discounting bonus). I think They are liquefying my retirement…they rightly say they have a fiscal surplus.”

“Is that the way to reduce public spending that the Austrian Economics manual recommends?” concluded the 76-year-old man.

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After receiving dozens of criticisms for his message, Rodriguez He pointed out against the Government: “The gang of trolls sent me to humiliate and disqualify me! They don’t see it!”

Rodríguez was part of the head of state’s economic team until he resigned after expressing himself disparagingly towards the LGBTIQ+ community in a television interview.

“If I see two men kissing, my stomach hurts. There is a problem, which you have to understand, it is testosterone. It is a hormonal problem,” he said in a television interview.

The harsh adjustment in retirements in January

With the strong adjustment carried out by the government of Milei, the minimum retirement In Argentina, in February it will reach a real value – in terms of purchasing power – lower than that recorded during the economic crisis of convertibility in 2002.

In this scenario, the Government reached the long-awaited fiscal surplus in Januarybut according to the report of the Institute for Argentine Social Development (IDESA)one of the main research centers on pension issues, It was achieved at the expense of the real reduction in spending on retirements and pensions.

This analysis is based on numbers published by the Congressional Budget Office (CPO) that show the forecast items that explained the surplus in the month.

As explained by the OPC: “Due to a greater decline in expenses, basically linked to social benefits, than the drop in collection, during January the National Administration recorded a real financial surplus 77.2% higher than that obtained in the same month. from the previous year”.

A report from the brokerage company Portfolio Personal Inversiones (PPI), social benefits represented the largest cut in spending during the month of January. Of every 100 pesos of primary surplus achieved in January, $44.5 was contributed by retirees, with less purchasing power.

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