The increase was made official, how much will they charge in March?

The increase was made official, how much will they charge in March?

The Government made official the 12% salary increase offered to employees national state employees which is in force from the 1st of this month, accepted by the Union of Civil Personnel of the Nation (UPCN) and rejected by State Workers Association (ATE).

“It is not possible with our firm to endorse this adjustment, since the official decision liquefies salaries”he warned Rodolfo Aguiarhead of ATE after the meeting that took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor.

The union led at the national level by the deputy secretary of the CGT, Andres Rodriguezaccepted the 12% increase, but ATE I reject it.

In this scenario, ATE carried out a strike on Monday for 24 hours, which had 90% compliance. The union led by Aguiar considered the salary proposal “insufficient” compared to the 20.6% inflation of the last month. “The offer does not correspond to the evolution of prices in recent weeks,” they pointed out and highlighted that “aggravates salary deterioration”.

State parity: who will receive the 12% increase

The increase was approved by the decree 206/2024which is signed by the president Javier Milei; the chief of staff, Nicolas Posse; and the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello.

Furthermore, it specifies that this 12% increase will be transferred to the remuneration of the higher authorities of the jurisdictions, entities and organizations of the Executive Branchunlike the increase granted the previous month, and will also reach civilian personnel of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI).

“The gross monthly, normal, habitual, regular and permanent remuneration of agents authorized to perform extraordinary services, with the exception of services required by third parties, must not exceed the amount of $488,967 as of February 1, 2024,” the decree clarifies.

On the other hand, the decree also establishes the remunerations of national resident professionals who work in the health institutions that depend on the Ministry of Health and in the SAMIC “Professor Dr. Juan P. Garrahan” Pediatric Hospital with which a chief resident will earn 920,610 pesos, while a fourth-year resident will earn 860,233. According to the salary scale, a first-year resident will earn 698,118 pesos.

  • BOSS: $920,610 starting 2/1/2024
  • 4TH YEAR: $860,233 starting 2/1/2024
  • 3rd YEAR: $860,233 starting 2/1/2024
  • 2ND YEAR: $782,266 starting 2/1/2024
  • 1ST YEAR: $698,452 starting 2/1/2024

This is the second increase in the year that the state workerssince in January the sector received an increase of 16%.

Source: Ambito

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