Aviation: Air taxi company Volocopter: Green light for series production

Aviation: Air taxi company Volocopter: Green light for series production

Volocopter, the company from Baden-Württemberg, gets the green light to start series production. But can the air taxis take off for the Olympic Games in Paris as planned?

Air taxi manufacturer Volocopter has received the green light to begin series production of its aircraft. The company in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe announced this. Volocopter produces new types of aircraft with a distinctive ring for the rotors on the roof, which can take off and land vertically and can accommodate two people.

The company has received an extension of its approval as a manufacturing company (POA) from the Federal Aviation Office, which enables series production of the Volocity air taxi. This is a significant milestone, said Volocopter Chief Operating Officer Andreas Fehring. This means that the company has official approval from the LBA to produce aircraft for commercial flight operations. They could be delivered as soon as the air taxi receives a type certificate.

The original goal was to start passenger operations with the electric air vehicles at the Olympic Games in Paris in the summer. Whether this would still be possible remained unclear at first. Volocopter is basically sticking to its plans, but they are now “very ambitious,” it was said just a few days ago.

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