Protest: Environmental alliance: Politics should prevent Tesla expansion

Protest: Environmental alliance: Politics should prevent Tesla expansion

Environmental activists are preparing for a longer period in their protest camp next to the Tesla factory in Grünheide. The “Turn off the tap from Tesla” alliance has a clear stance on Tesla’s plans.

Environmentalists have called on politicians in Brandenburg to prevent the US car manufacturer Tesla’s expansion plans in Grünheide near Berlin and further deforestation.

“What else has to happen for politicians to react and finally put human welfare ahead of profit interests,” said Lou Winter from the “Turn off the tap to Tesla” alliance. She speaks of a scandal and accuses Tesla of environmental violations, endangering drinking water and exceeding wastewater limits. The Grünheide municipal council should not ignore the fact that the majority of residents recently rejected an expansion of the site.

Forest is occupied

Since Thursday, environmental activists have occupied part of the state’s forest that Tesla plans to clear if it expands its site. They built around ten tree houses several meters high and announced that they wanted to hold out for as long as possible. The police have so far seen no reason to clear the camp. Tesla itself has not yet commented on the campaign. The only European factory belonging to billionaire Elon Musk’s company is located in Grünheide.

“Our protest has just begun and will get even bigger,” announced Winter. A demonstration to protest against Tesla is planned for March 10th. There should be further actions in May. “E-mobility currently enjoys a green veneer, but it is not a solution to the climate crisis,” argued Winter. She called for expanded and free public transport.

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