Vehicle construction: Union: Indefinite strike in the Ford supplier park

Vehicle construction: Union: Indefinite strike in the Ford supplier park

With the announced end of Ford car production in Saarlouis, suppliers’ employees are also worried about their future. They are now going on strike for a social collective agreement.

At the start of the morning shift, IG Metall called on employees of five companies in the Ford supplier park in Saarlouis to go on an indefinite strike.

“Within a few hours, this means that production in the Ford plant itself comes to a standstill, as no car can be completed without the engine/transmission, axles, body parts, cable network systems and exhaust system,” said the union in Völklingen.

The company representatives from the five companies Magna, Benteler, Tenneco, Rhenus LMS and Lear Corp. In negotiations on a social collective agreement since July 2023, IG Metall “did not offer any offers that could be agreed upon, but rather just a cheap fob,” said IG Metall Völklingen negotiator Ralf Cavelius. An ultimatum of February 29th and another two-day moratorium have expired. A total of around 500 employees are affected by the strike: 300 on the morning shift and another 200 on the lunch shift.

A social collective agreement has been in effect for employees at the Ford factory since the end of February. The agreements include the continued employment of 1,000 of Ford’s 3,750 employees until the end of 2032, high severance payments and bonuses, the formation of a transfer company and qualification programs. In addition, the end of production of the Ford Focus is to be postponed by half a year to November 2025.

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