More than 80% of women prefer an apartment when moving to live alone: ​​Why?

More than 80% of women prefer an apartment when moving to live alone: ​​Why?

The Insecurity in Argentina grows daily and hits women the hardestsince it is not only the fear of having a belonging taken away that scares you, but a bigger one is added: violence sexual. Hence, a 81.8% of women feel safer in an apartment when moving alone.

This is revealed by a report by Zonaprop carried out within the framework of the Women’s Day. And, when a female person decides to move to live alone, she has to evaluate an enormous number of scenarios that could occur while she is alone in a property.

Beyond the fact that the end is always gain independence -as stated by 53% of those surveyed- there are also other problems such as security.

What preferences do women have when looking for property?

Moving into a single house involves other scenarios: opening the property and be totally alone for fear that, if something happens inside the property, many times not even the neighbor will find out. Entrances to private homes are one of the biggest fears: What to do in this scenario?is one of the first questions we usually ask ourselves.

On the other hand, when walking down the street alone, women look to do it on the busiest roads (76%) and with good lighting (66%). In turn, there are commercial premises (36%), since they feel safer, only due to the fact that someone on the other side can come to their aid in the event of an act of insecurity or aggression.

That is why, in addition to the feeling of security that comes from having neighbors on the same property when choosing an apartment, women also look the area in which they will live. What are they looking for in a neighborhood? Basically, have a good access to transportation (69%), which is illuminated (43%), who have shops close (43%) and 24 hour security (32%).

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Surely, this last requirement is the most complex, since the request to have “24 hour security“usually makes the property more expensive. Hence, another of the issues What women have when they go to live alone is that they do not have sufficient economic resources to cover these needs. This was admitted by 45% of people who live with someone, but would like to do it alone.

55% of women prefer to live aloneMeanwhile he 30% considers that living with a friend is not an option although he confirms that it is more profitable.

Challenges and benefits of living alone

Clearly, as previously detailed, one of the main challenges when it comes to living on your own is monetary: 59% of users who live alone agree that their biggest challenge is covering fixed expenses.

The other challenges are: number of tasks to do at home (25%), the security (25%), the loneliness (19%) and the responsibility what it implies (7%).

Anyway, the Independence is a factor that strongly prevails as a benefit of this experience (86%), as well as the growth and maturity that brings to every woman (57%), the positive aspects about responsibility (29%) and the loneliness (24%).

Only 35% of women have properties in their name

35% of the women surveyed have a property in their name. Of them, the 27% were able to buy the property with their savingsMeanwhile he 23% did it together with their partner and the 20%, with the mortgage loan help.

Meanwhile, 61% of the women consulted are not owners. Of this total, 40% say that they do not have the money necessary to buy a property and 25.3% explain that, if they want to invest in a property, they should take out a loan. However, 9% have savings to purchase a property.

When asking the respondents where their income comes from: 45% have a job in a dependent relationshipMeanwhile he 13.4% have more than one jobhe 11.4% carry out independent projectshe 5.7% do it through their formal entrepreneurship/businessa 4.4% for your work without legal benefitsa 3% rely on support from their family or partner and 2.7% are in charge of the home.

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