What coverage protects us against damage due to bad weather?

What coverage protects us against damage due to bad weather?

And the big question is always who repairs the damage caused by nature, the insurance companies or the municipal government.

The different types of insurance coverage

You have to understand that there are different types of coverage and each one will provide protection as the case may be. Every time major storms and floods occur, the most basic plans include Civil Liability coverage (minimum and mandatory for traveling in transit) and the additional Total robbery and fire to the covered claims. Neither of these two foresees hail, rain or consequences due to a storm.

Then there are more complete plans that include total damage, total and partial theft and partial and total fires. The most complete, the famous comprehensive coverage, it does include hail damage and temporary.

The importance of having insurance

The culture of having insurance coverage not only for the car, but also for other assets, such as the house, a business or a larger establishment such as a small factory, it is something that, little by little, is being established as a concept, although, in the midst of an economic crisis like the current one, it is also something that not everyone can face, even knowing that a much greater risk is assumed by not being covered. Let’s remember that insurance increased like everything else, because if the amounts are not updated, the damage cannot be covered.

P17 – Temporary 17-12-2_opt.jpeg

Trees fallen due to the storm in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

What happens when there is a flood

The other great damage that a storm with a lot of water falls is a flood. Cars that are partially affected by water do not have major damage, but when a vehicle is half coveredabove the middle of the body, the damage can not only affect the interior of the cabin but fundamentally the mechanics, both the gearbox and the engine itself.

And that crashes head-on into the economic crisiswhich means that, in recent months, situations have arisen such as that, when there is a major weather event, many car users who they stopped paying for the garage and they park the car on the street, but at the same time They lowered the quality of coverage due to costs.

All risk coverage became almost a luxury product. There was a lot of reduction in all risks to third parties, although there are some people who prefer to go up rather than lose coverage.. And this is a serious problem because most large companies consider that, if the loss is greater than 80%, the car is declared destroyed and must be paid for.

But in some policies an accident is mentioned as the cause and not a loss of any type, so a tree is not included. Meanwhile, other policies talk about accident and/or fire. What experts recommend is that it is best to consider all possible variables (total loss due to occurrence of damage and/or fire and/or robbery or theft).

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