After complaints: Cameras no longer allowed in Airbnb accommodations

After complaints: Cameras no longer allowed in Airbnb accommodations
As long as the cameras are visible, they are currently still allowed

The new regulation will apply worldwide from April 30 and is intended to “simplify” the requirements for the use of such cameras to protect privacy, according to a statement from Airbnb.

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Outdoor cameras remain permitted for security and to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the apartments. However, the rules should be tightened, as Airbnb explained. Landlords must disclose exactly where such outdoor cameras are installed. The cameras must also not be aimed at areas such as outdoor showers or saunas.

Complaints about hidden cameras

Airbnb currently allows cameras in hallways and shared living rooms, for example, as long as they are visible and listed in the apartment description. But that will end in the future.

Users had complained on online platforms about discovering hidden cameras.

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