A court denies that computer scientist Craig Wright is the inventor of bitcoin

A court denies that computer scientist Craig Wright is the inventor of bitcoin

The self-proclaimed creator of bitcoin, Australian Craig Wright, claims that he is the only inventor and denies in court that his late friend Kleiman helped him create the cryptocurrency

A british court ruled on Thursday that the Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, who claims the invention of bitcoin, is not its creatorat the end of a process for a complaint that accuses him of being an imposter.

There is “Overwhelming” evidence indicates that Wright “is not the person who created the bitcoin system,” nor “the author of the initial versions of the bitcoin program,” declared Judge James Mellor, at the end of the trial, adding that he would provide more information about the ruling soon.

Craig Wright would not be the creator of bitcoin

He 53-year-old computer scientist “is not the author of the bitcoin ‘white paper'”, a text that details the founding principles of this cryptocurrency, nor is it the person who acted “under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto [el enigmático programador conocido por ser el padre del bitcóin] during the period between 2008 and 2011,” the judge added.


Who is the creator of bitcoin?

Who is the creator of bitcoin?


For almost a month and a half, the British High Court of Justice examined Wright’s statements, whom his detractors call “Faketoshi” (the “false Satoshi”) and that claims the copyright of this “white paper” foundation, as well as the code of this cryptocurrency.

What happens with the other cryptocurrencies

“Wright failed to present a single verifiable and reliable document to support” these statements, he said Tuesday Jonathan Houghthe lawyer of Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), a non-profit organization created to keep cryptocurrency technology patent-free.

This organization brings together heavyweights in this sector, such as the Coinbase platform and the Block company, specialized in digital payments. After the ruling, COPA will ask the British prosecutor’s office to consider criminal actions for “perjury and obstruction of justice,” the association said in its final written arguments, to which AFP had access.

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