Easter basket prices

Easter basket prices

Both fish products and traditional Easter eggs and bagels suffered significant increases during Holy Week 2024.

The Easter It is one of the most anticipated dates of the year, not only because the break allows for rest and vacations, but because of its gastronomic opportunity. However, the products of the easter basket they arrive – in many cases – with prices higher than the interannual inflation rate, which was 276.2%.

As Catholic tradition indicates, in Easter Abstinence from red meat is practiced, so the consumption of red meat became an Argentine tradition. fish. That is why the consulting firm Focus Market surveyed the prices of that item, where they were recorded increases of up to 404% in the kilo of squid; 394% in the package of 250 grams kanikama; 317% in the can of natural tuna; 240% in the kilo of Fish breaded and 196% in the kilo of hake fillet.

“Fish is what seasonally has the greatest increase for Easter. Our per capita fish consumption is 5 kilograms per inhabitant. It is much lower than the annual beef consumption of more than 45 kilograms per capita that we have. If we compare it with the world average, which is 20 kilograms per person per year, our consumption is very low. However, for Easter it increases seasonally in a very notable way,” he claimed Damian Di PaceDirector of the Focus Market Consulting Firm.

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Holy Week 2024: what is the price of Easter eggs

According to the same consultancy, the easter egg smaller size (17g) had an increase of 375% year-on-year. In this framework, the box Mini Eggs x 24 units (85g) also experienced a significant increase in 365%greater than the inflation that the Surprise Eggswhich they highlighted with a 303% of increase. Finally, the conventional Easter eggs They rose in price around 200%.

In the field of stuffed easter eggsa market concentrated mainly by small entrepreneurs and whose recipe involves a base of half a chocolate egg and a filling of your choice (dulce de leche, hazelnut paste, chocolate, cream), were registered increments year-on-year of 253%. The report points to a decrease in market supply.

“The easter eggs are affected by the world cocoa prices which increased up to three times in the last two years. The international price of cocoa has its highest price in the last 47 years, going from US$2,000 to almost US$7,000 per ton. Ivory Coast and Ghana concentrate 50% of world cocoa production and due to the effect of the child, their production has decreased. At the same time, in our country the sugar has also had a more than considerable increase, which affects the value of the final product,” he justified. Damian Di Pace.

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Holy Week 2024: what is the price of the Easter bagel

Finally, another of the traditional products of the Easter is the Easter thread. This traditional recipe, decorated with candied fruits and similar to sweet bread, represents a habit of Argentinians passed down from generation to generation that symbolizes community and hope.

The Focus Market report states that the 1 kilo handmade thread reaches the $8000 in bakeries, which represents an increase of 264%. For its part, the homemade 500 gram thread had an increase of 233%while the industrial thread for supermarkets and closed packs suffered the lowest rate of price increase, reaching 229%.

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