which are the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods

which are the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods

According to a survey carried out based on the notices published by advertisers on the real estate portal, Zonaprop, the high increases recorded in previous months in rental prices are reduced. In March the increase was 1.3%, this is the lowest monthly increase since January 2019.

At the same time, The rental offer increases by 15.3% in the month and accumulates an increase of 125% in the first quarter of 2024. After hitting historic lows in February 2023, new increases in the supply of rental apartments are recorded, especially starting in December 2023.


New rental contracts have accumulated a price increase of 261.7% in the last twelve months, advancing below inflation (299%) and above the ICL adjustment (188.6%).

How much does it cost to rent a studio apartment in CABA?

A studio apartment is rented for 365,546 pesos per month while a two-bedroom is rented for 422,502 pesos per month and a three-bedroom for 567,747 pesos per month.

Palermo continues to be among the most expensive neighborhoods in the City of Buenos Aires to rent, with a value of 497,645 pesos per month. They are followed by Núñez (476,741 pesos per month) and Belgrano (471,623 pesos per month). In turn, La Boca is presented as the most accessible neighborhood with an average value of 321,253 pesos per month. They are followed by Parque Avellaneda and La Boca, 327,737 pesos per month and 336,109 pesos per month, respectively.


Rentals in CABA: which are the 10 cheapest neighborhoods

In the City, two-room apartments are on average $422,502 monthly, but there are neighborhoods where they have a lower cost. These are the 10 cheapest neighborhoods:

  • Mouth: $321,253 per month
  • Avellaneda Park: $327,737 per month
  • Liniers: $336,109 per month
  • Slaughterhouses: $343,018 per month
  • Forest: $346,245 per month
  • Patricios Park: $351,043 per month
  • Villa Gral Miter: $358,508 per month
  • Barracks: $359,202 per month
  • Mount Castro: $361,458 per month
  • Flowers: $363,784 per month

Rentals in CABA: which are the 10 most expensive neighborhoods

  • Palermo: $497,645 per month
  • Nuñez: $476,741 per month
  • Belgrano: $471,623 per month
  • Recoleta: $467,420 per month
  • Schoolboys: $463,342 per month
  • Chacarita: $458,679 per month
  • Coghlan: $456,568 per month
  • Withdrawal: $449,612 per month
  • Villa Urquiza: $445,035 per month
  • Paternal: $442,117 per month

Buy-sell market: prices accumulate an increase of 2.3% since July 2023

The average price per square meter in the City of Buenos Aires increased 0.4% in March and today stands at $2,202/m2. In the first three months of the year, it accumulated an increase of 1.1% while in the year-on-year comparison it rose 1.3%, the largest increase since May 2019.

In March, 71% of the neighborhoods registered a monthly price increase, with well apartments being the ones with the greatest increase.

A 40 m2 studio apartment has a price of $97,248 for sale, while a two-room apartment of 50 m2 is worth $116,539 and a three-room apartment of 70 m2 is worth $160,480.

real estate real estate rental properties


The volume of writing in February 2024 was 27% higher than the same month in 2023. In 2024, the volume of writing registered an increase of 14% compared to the volume of 2023 but 1.8% below 2019 and 52% below 2018.

The volume of apartments for sale discounted has stopped falling in the last six months and remains stable at 18% in the first quarter of 2024. The drop in the volume of discounted listings is one of the factors that explains the increase in the price recorded since July 2023.

The construction cost measured in dollars registers an increase of 35.5% in 2024 while the average price of apartments rose 1.1%. Building today costs almost triple what it cost in October 2020, the minimum in the series, and 30.2% above the 2012-2023 average.

Puerto Madero heads the list of neighborhoods with the highest price, with a value of 5,854 dollars/m2. They are followed by Palermo (3,063 dollars/m2) and Belgrano (2,800 dollars/m2). On the contrary, Lugano (988 dollars/m2), Nueva Pompeya (1,314 dollars/m2) and Villa Riachuelo (1,435 dollars/m2) are the cheapest.

Real estate profitability: it declines again in March

The rent/price ratio is 4.67% annually. The reason for the decline is due to the slowdown in the increase in rental prices. Today it takes 21.4 years of rental to recover the investment, 4.2% less than what was required a year ago.

Balvanera and Paternal remain the best neighborhoods for investors seeking income, with an average return of 5.7%, 5.6%, respectively. While Palermo (4%) and Belgrano (4.1%) are the ones that generate the least profitability.

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