Luis Caputo explained the reasons for payment in two sections of the pensions

Luis Caputo explained the reasons for payment in two sections of the pensions

Given the speculation that arose after the announcement of the split payment, the head of the Treasury Palace had to clarify the reasons why pensions and bonuses will be paid separately in April.

“The issue of retirements in two payments is a purely administrative issue,” Caputo said first.to later clarify that the split is due to the fact that the body in charge of processing the assets already had the scheme put together based on the previous formula and the change to DNU came out later.

“The salary settlement process takes a month. ANSES had already processed the credit according to the previous criteria. The DNU thing with the new increase came out later, so a new process had to be started for the increase,” explained the Minister of Economy in a post on his social network account “X.”

Criticism of the opposition to the splitting of pensions

The response comes after the opposition grouped in Unión por la Patria rejected the split payment and announced that in the commission of Deputies it will try to prohibit said scheme.

The head of the opposition bloc, German Martinezannounced this Thursday through a post where he explained that on April 4 “there will be a meeting of the Deputies’ Welfare and Social Security Commission, with specialists to advance projects for the recovery of retirement benefits.”

In this context, he reported that “from Unión por la Patria we will request that on Tuesday, April 9, a ruling be issued prohibiting split payment of pensions” announced this Wednesday by the Government in order, as the ruling party argued, “not to delay the beneficiaries’ access to their assets.”

This Thursday, the spokesman presidential, Manuel Adorni, was the first to clarify the issue by stating that, due to the XXL holiday and almost no business days in the month, the payment of the retirement adjustment based on the new scheme, it will be done on the one hand, while the bond will be given for another.

“First the decree of the retirement formula came out and then the bonus, of 70 thousand pesos. As we are at the end of the month, we have run out of working days, what is going to happen is that the retirees are going to be paid in two different settlements”the official explained in radio statements.

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