Franziska Brantner: This is how the politician negotiates Habeck’s agenda

Franziska Brantner: This is how the politician negotiates Habeck’s agenda

Franziska Brantner is State Secretary in Robert Habeck’s Ministry of Economics. She is considered a tough negotiator. On “Die Boss” she talks about her strong role, about political communication in times of the AfD and about being a mother in the Bundestag.

Franziska Brantner is the woman next to Robert Habeck. The Green State Secretary has a huge task in the Ministry of Economics: She is supposed to solve the raw materials problem in German industry and reduce economic dependence on autocracies. Brantner is considered a tough negotiator – and she likes it. Forging global alliances “is a big chessboard,” she says in the current podcast episode “The Boss – Power is Female.”

She talks to host Simone Menne about political communication. She explains why political speech is sometimes necessary, what is lacking when it comes to communication at traffic lights and why politicians have to be on TikTok. And she tells what it means when a half-sentence from a speech in the Bundestag about the AfD and comedian Dieter Nuhr suddenly escalates into a shitstorm.

Brantner has a daughter with ex-partner Boris Palmer, Tübingen’s controversial mayor. A topic she no longer wants to talk about. She often asks herself: “Does a man get asked these questions even after a separation of more than ten years?” In the podcast she talks to Simone Menne about the intertwining of private life and politics.

Franziska Brantner: “Children are nothing to apologize for”

Before her position as State Secretary, Franziska Brantner was already in the European Parliament and the German Bundestag. There she noticed how anti-family the job of MPs really is – and founded an initiative together with other politicians to improve the compatibility of politics and family. “We have come one step further,” she says today. “I have the impression that MPs, whether female or male, apologize less often for the fact that they have children and therefore cannot be present all the time.”

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