The dollar bill that few people know in Argentina and can be worth 400 thousand pesos

The dollar bill that few people know in Argentina and can be worth 400 thousand pesos

Learn about the myths and legends surrounding the most coveted bill among collectors. Have you checked your wallet yet?

The 2 dollar bill is a true rarity around the world, so it has become a treasure for collectors. Despite being one of the least produced, it is still in circulation and is legal tender, included in Argentina.

The reverse of this bill has a historical and unique design: the United States Declaration of Independence, and while it compiles myths and legends, it is a highly coveted object by collectors and curious people for which they can pay 400 thousand pesos.

Is the $2 bill legal tender?

While the $2 bill is believed to be out of circulation, from the United States Department of the Treasury website It is mentioned as current.

It’s about a relatively low face value banknote and it is the one that is least manufactured since it corresponds to only one 1% of total production. In addition, its design is the oldest of the seven enumerations that exist today, it was adopted in 1929 and on its reverse it shows the painting “The Declaration of Independence” by John Trumbull.

The $2 bills have been issued discontinuously since 1862. Their first order dates back to March of that same year, although the $2 denomination was suspended from 1966 to 1976.

Then, In 2003, as part of the celebration of the bicentennial of the United States, its broadcast was resumed and in 2013 the most current series was created.


The myths of the 2 dollar bill

  • The Declaration of Independence scene on the reverse is said to be not a perfect duplicate of John Trumbull’s painting. Five figures were removed so that the image will fit the bill.
  • A $2 bill is often used in the United States as a marker for small stores to track shoplifting.
  • A myth is that the population associates the $2 bill with racetracks (because it is the minimum bet) or nightclubs.
  • Another legend is that the price of admission to Thomas Jefferson’s house-museum is $13 with the intention of encouraging exchange with the ticket in question.
  • In 2016, a girl was arrested for trying to pay for school lunch with a $2 bill, accused of having falsified the currency, which is believed to no longer be legal tender. After a police investigation, she backed down from the case.
  • The crew of the 1971 Apollo 15 carried $2 bills and $20 bills in their pilot preference kits (PPK). This design is one of 50 banknotes that arrived on the mission in the Endeavor command module with Al Worden, and remained in orbit while Dave Scott and Jim Irwin also explored the lunar surface with these currencies.
  • The command module pilot, Al Worden, flew only this ticket into lunar orbit.

How to sell a 2 dollar bill for 400 thousand pesos

Despite its rarity, The 2 dollar bill has a symbolic value and can be found on ecommerce platforms such as eBay or Mercado Libre, at prices higher than their face value.

Publications rise at $9.95 (imported), while the 2003 design in the local market, priced up to 400,000 pesos.

Source: Ambito

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