the trick to discover if a bill is fake and avoid scams

the trick to discover if a bill is fake and avoid scams

There are at least three security measures that the Federal Reserve recommends to verify the authenticity of banknotes.

The dollars represent a possible savings for Argentines. Therefore, it is essential to know if the tickets you buy and receive are real or if you are dealing with a scam. Touching the bill and looking against the light are two of the three fundamental steps to avoid scams. But what else can be done?

Although there are devices that verify the authenticity of dollar bills, the United States Federal Reserve (FED) provided a guide to easily verify if a banknote is authentic. In addition, he clarified again that all bills issued are legal tender and must be accepted, including the “small face” ones.


How to find out if a dollar bill is fake in three steps

The dollars in the current series have greater security measures. The Federal Reserve recommends three main steps to detect if you are looking at a real bill.

  • touch the bill: When you run your fingers over a real bill, it should feel slightly rough.
  • Yotilt the bill– When moving an authentic bill back and forth, certain elements should change color. On new $100 bills, for example, the copper-colored “100″ turns green with the tilt; and in previous versions, it goes from green to black.
  • look against the light: Raise the bill and observe it with a white light behind it, to check that the watermark and the security thread are visible on both sides.

Security measures on 100 dollar bills

Additionally, there are certain security measures specific to 100 dollar bills.

  • security thread: The thread is inscribed with the letters USA and the number 100 in an alternating pattern and is visible from both sides of the bill. This will glow pink under ultraviolet light.
  • Watermark: The image of Benjamin Franklin in the blank space to the right of the portrait is visible from both sides of the bill.
  • Safety band in 3D: The blue band is woven into the paper, not printed.
  • Red and blue fibers: Authentic paper currency has small red and blue security fibers throughout the bill.
  • The bell inside the inkwell– should change from copper to green when you tilt the bill.
  • Microprint: When you look closely, you should see lowercase words like “USA” and “The United State of America.”

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