We need freedom of negotiation

We need freedom of negotiation

The homologation of joint ventureswhich implies the endorsement of the Labor Secretary for the agreements between the business chambers and the union sector to be made official, opens a new chapter of tension between the Government and the national unionism. This time, the reference of Oilers criticized the Minister of Economy Luis Caputowho referred to salary increase caps.

“It is not appropriate not to approve the agreements. If there is freedom for everything, we need there to also be freedom of negotiation“he noted in a radio interview Daniel Yofrasecretary general of the Federation of the Oilseed Industrial Complex.

The oil sector signed a joint agreement for a 25% increase to bring the basic salary to $1,240,202. Given the lack of news regarding equal approval, the union will have two plenary sessions -Tuesday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 17- to define action measures.

Later, Yofra explained: “The salary we set is for all the people who work in the sector, from the sweeper to the one who operates machinery. It is for those who work in an agro-exporter or for those who are in a company that bottles edible oil. They all charge the same. We set the salary according to the needs of the workers.“.

Daniel Yofra Aceiteros.jpg

Daniel Yofra, General Secretary of Aceiteros.

Government refuses to approve joint ventures

Asked in a television interview on TN about the claim of Approval for Truckers, Luis Caputo assured that “we are not going to approve it because it has to have a parity logic. The joint ventures are free but you later, as a regulator with the Labor Secretaryyou have to approve that. “Why are you going to approve something that is going to cause you a problem?”.

Later, the journalist pointed out to him that “the State should not get involved“. “The State does not get involved in the salary, but it is established that it has to approve the joint payments. If that is established, What you have to approve must seem reasonable to you“, responded the minister, who indicated that the new Secretary of Labor, Julio Cordero“he will approve it if it seems reasonable to him.”

“It’s part of everything with the overall balance. All of this is tied up, otherwise you enter into a nominal race where I will accept anything for you and you will accept any price.. This has to have a logic. “If you tell me a point or two above the inflation expectation, great, if it is 15 points it doesn’t make any sense,” he concluded. Luis Caputo.

This week, sources from the Labor Secretaryin charge of Julio Cordero, told this medium that “no one is going to get an opinion from Cordero under pressure.” “For Moyano, approval is an automatic fact, but the reality is that “The State must look after all parties.”they argued.

Homologation of joint ventures: Truckers insist on their claim

After the announcement of the general strike of the CGT for May 9, Pablo Moyanoa member of the triumvirate of the labor union and head of Truckers, referred to the conflict in his union due to the lack of approval of joint ventures: “We are going to wait a few more days, We believe that it will have to be approved as they have done with other union organizations.. Look at the contempt they have for the workers who wanted to standardize these two months and put a 2% ceiling for May and July, that is what Caputo is going to propose.”

“The verse of every right-wing government: The first to pay the adjustment are the workers, the retirees, and the popular neighborhoods. They govern only for the sector that they represent, which are the banks, the countryside, the large corporations that today pull the strings of this country,” he added.

The Truckers union agreed, in joint negotiation, a increase of 25% in March and 20% in April.

Source: Ambito

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