How are holidays worked in April paid?

How are holidays worked in April paid?

Workers who provided services during the 1st and 2nd of the current month will receive compensation equivalent to 100% of their usual remuneration. The detail.

The Commerce employees who worked during the days holidays of April 1 and 2 they will receive ccompensations equivalent to 100% of their usual remunerationin accordance with current legal provisions.

This ensures that commercial workers are adequately remunerated even on holidays, in accordance with the provisions of the articles 166 and 167 of the law that regulates national holidays.

According to these regulations, Sunday rest rules apply during holidays, guaranteeing the payment of the corresponding salary to employees who worked on those days, regardless of whether they coincide with a Sunday.

When will compensation for working on holidays be reflected?

Compensation for working during the April 1 and 2 will be reflected in the May settlement and will be equal to the amount of the usual remuneration plus an additional amount.

The Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS), in collaboration with commercial entities such as Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CAC), the Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) and the Union of Commercial Entities (Udeca), has established the parameters to calculate these compensations, considering the recent salary increase agreed to by these organizations.

These measures guarantee fair and adequate compensation for workers in the sector, ensuring that those who provided services during holidays receive adequate remuneration in accordance with current labor legislation.

This is how holidays worked in April 2024 are paid

The following breakdown details the amounts corresponding to the different categories of Commerce employees, in accordance with the holidays worked in April 2024, according to yahoo:

  • Administrative A: $4830.6

  • Administrative B: $4851.39

  • Administrative C: $4872.15

  • Administrative D: $4934.47

  • Administrative E: $4986.4

  • Administrative F: $5062.57

  • Specialized assistant A: $4889.47

  • Specialized assistant B: $4951.78

  • Cashier A: $4847.9

  • Cashier B: $4872.15

  • Cashier C: $4903.31

  • Teacher A: $4778.67

  • Maestranza B: $4792.51

  • Maestranza C: $4840.97

  • Auxiliary Personnel A: $4847.9

  • Auxiliary Personnel B: $4882.52

  • Auxiliary Personnel C: $4996.79

  • Seller A: $4847.9

  • Seller B: $4951.79

  • Seller C: $4986.4

  • Seller D: $5062.57

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