They pay more than 30 thousand pesos to the owner of this 100 peso bill

They pay more than 30 thousand pesos to the owner of this 100 peso bill

What is the 100 Argentine peso bill for which collectors can pay more than its real value?

A 100 peso bill with an error sells for more than 30,000 Argentine pesos.


The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) issued for the first time the 100 peso bill with the face of Evita Perón on September 20, 2012 with an error which makes it very valuable. On the internet, there is a copy that sells for 34,000 pesos.

In the market, different examples are quoted at similar or even higher values. Manufacturing errors, misspellings, errors in engraving, are some of the most sought after characteristics.


What is the 100 peso bill for which they pay more than 30 thousand pesos?

The edition of the 100 peso bill that can be found at a value of 34,000 pesos on the internet, was issued in 2015. It has a “printing error” in the left margin, where it indicates series “Q”. The description states that the note is in “uncirculated” condition.

What is numismatics

Numismatics is the collecting of coins and other objects such as banknotes, securities and medals. It covers the study of currency and payment and provides knowledge about the economic, commercial and political history of human beings.

Originally, it was born as a discipline and hobby in the 19th century related to epigraphy, paleography, semiology and art. That is why it is also considered an auxiliary science of archeology and history.

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