Spotify music boss Conny Zhang: Dare even though you’re afraid

Spotify music boss Conny Zhang: Dare even though you’re afraid

Conny Zhang is one of the most powerful women in the German music business – at just 30 years old. Her age is often an issue, which is perhaps why she is sometimes underestimated. On “Die Boss” she explains why that’s not always a bad thing.

Spotify is the market leader among music streaming services. The Swedish company with the green logo is part of the everyday life of many music lovers. , with which the platform tells its users who has heard what and how often, has now become cult. In the current episode “The Boss – Power is Female” Conny Zhang reveals which song she heard 53 times in one day. And which music success story still gives you goosebumps today.

The 30-year-old was on the “Forbes under 30” list and, as Head of Music at Spotify, heads the music division for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The conversation with host Simone Menne is about the rapid developments in the music industry and the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. Conny Zhang asks critical questions about Spotify’s unpleasant billing model. Because time and again the tenor is that the artists simply don’t get enough. But she also says: “I believe there has never been a better time to be an artist!

Spotify music boss Conny Zhang: “There is an imbalance in the music industry”

However, only one in five musicians in the charts worldwide is female. “There is an imbalance in the music industry,” says Conny Zhang in the podcast. The music boss therefore wants to give more women a stage with Spotify’s “Equal” program.

She herself achieved success at a young age – a fact that is often discussed. Sometimes it is perhaps underestimated, says Conny Zhang. “But being underestimated is not always a weakness.” And she also has advice for young women who are at the beginning of the career ladder: “You have to dare to do things that you’re a little afraid of.”

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