How much does a Tesla car cost in Argentina

How much does a Tesla car cost in Argentina

President Javier Milei and Elon Musk had a meeting in Texas and everyone is wondering the same thing: what is the price of the tycoon’s cars?


President Javier Milei met with Elon Musk, founder of tesla and Space X, among other companies, in Austin, Texas. The meeting between the president and the magnate fueled expectations about possible investments by the electric car manufacturer in Argentina.

Tesla is a benchmark in sustainable mobility. The brand came to differentiate itself from the conventional industry, something it is achieving through a sustainable competitive advantage. Each of the models that the company has in the catalog shows that they are designed for a very dispersed target audience.


What would be the value of a Tesla electric car in Argentina

According to what was reported by La Nación, although electrified vehicles have been gaining share year after year, the challenges of charging infrastructure and the distances that Argentina presents raise questions about the pace of adoption of new technologies in the region. For that reason, Hybrids emerged as an intermediate option.

In Chile, to take a reference from a country with low import tariffs and multiple free trade agreements, the Model 3 costs about US$42,360 and Model Y, about US$45,540, prices very similar to those in the United States. That same Tesla in Argentina should pay a 35% tariff, 17.5% of the PAIS tax and another 35% of the internal luxury tax, among other taxes that end doubling its price to the public.

According to a recent calculation made by Adefa, the terminal association, cars that pay the first category of the luxury tax currently bear a tax pressure of 79.9%, and those that fall into the second category of the tax bear the burden. 104.4%. That is the reality of the Argentine market that Tesla should face in Argentina.

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