Argentines aim for salaries of more than $700,000, but it is still below inflation

Argentines aim for salaries of more than $700,000, but it is still below inflation

According to the study, between March 2023 and the same month of this year the intended salary increased 189.14%, against an increase in inflation of 287.90%which means that Argentines are sacrificing income to be able to access new jobs.

Carolina Molinaro, who works as Head of Marketing at Jobint, stated: ”In the latest Labor Market Index we can see that the accumulated increase in the salary required by talent is 45.75% during the first quarter of 2024. Although this value exceeds those registered in both the first and last quarters of 2023, fails to match this year’s accumulated inflation”.

The salary expectations of Argentines vary greatly according to several aspects

First, it must be considered that those who are just taking their first steps in the labor market (junior workers) have a much lower salary expectation than the average. In March, for example, they asked to win $490,948 gross.

That same month, workers who already have experience (senior or semi-senior) asked for a remuneration of $735,557 and those who aspired to positions of boss or supervisor, requested to win $941,807 gross.

This means that, depending on the level of experience, the intended salaries range from $451,859.

There are also, within each category, important differences according to the branch of activity.

Within the junior positions, for example, those with the highest expected remuneration in March were those in the “technical areas in health”, with $880,000 gross per month; Engineering, with $768,750 per month and financial economic planning, with $693,125 per month.

On the other hand, those with the lowest salary expectations were the waiters, with $275,000 per month; Telemarketing, with $325,000 per month and Production, with $325,000 per month.

Regarding semi-senior and senior positions, the positions with the highest salary requirement were Project Leadership, with $1,350,000 per month; Industrial Engineering, with $1,200,000 per month and Administration and Finance Treasury with $1,000,000 per month.

On the contrary, the lowest claimed salaries in March were those of Waiters, with $350,000 per month; Receptionist and Personnel Attention, both with $450,000 per month.

What happens to the gender pay gap?

The gap in the required salary according to gender reached 17.23% in favor of men during the course of the first quarter of 2024. The peak in the difference in the intended remunerations was recorded in January when it reached 17.23%. In February it was 14.47%, and in March it was 16.77%.

In March, the average salary required by men was $760,096 per monthwhile the one requested by women is $650,946 per month.

This means that women required $109,150 less per month. In this way, the gender wage gap is 16.77% in favor of men, an increase of 2 percentage points compared to the previous month.

Compared to the previous month, the average salary sought by men increased by 18.97%while that of the women rose 16.63%.

Since October 2023, there has not been such a marked difference in the increase in the average salary requested by men compared to that required by women.

Source: Ambito

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