How to request the refund of fees after the measure against increases

How to request the refund of fees after the measure against increases

Prepaid: the Government’s proposal for the return of money


How to request a refund of fees after the measure against prepaid increases.

The best deal

To the extent, the Government proposed to the court a formula for returning the surplus between the 70% which gave the cost of view and the 140% average increase applied by the main prepaid.

In the appeal for protection they propose the 70% refund in seven equal and consecutive installments, taking into account the CPI that is issued each month from the National Institute of Statistics and Census.

The protection states that “an increase of around 150% by the prepaid medicine entities when, according to the recorded rates, it appears that the increase amounts to approximately 70%.”

Thus, If a month there is an inflation of 10%, the prepaid companies would not charge any increase, since this value would be compensated by the reimbursement figure that they have to make to the affiliates. In the event that inflation is 8%, 2% must be returned to customers.

Caution due to increase in prepaid payments

The Government presented the precautionary measure before the Court 9 of the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber and told the judge that the health companies increased the membership fees through practices of abuse of dominant position and abuse of power that ended up affecting market freedom. For this reason, they considered that a correction and readjustment of the membership fee values ​​should be applied.

In this way, the comprehensive scheme was proposed for the collection from now on and the return of the amounts already invoiced. All through INDEC CPIwhich will be taken as a reference for the monthly value.

Prepaid: how to request a refund of fees

At the moment, the return of the increases is not within the scope of the authority’s powers. Ministry of Industry and Commerce. In any case, if it is proven that the prepaid companies carried out these practices, it may impact the calculation of the fine.

If so, the Competition Defense Law provides for action for damages against companies that commit anti-competitive practices once the sanction becomes final. Therefore, each citizen may request the refund of the fees through Justice.

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