The Government made official the payment of the $70,000 bonus for retirees in May

The Government made official the payment of the $70,000 bonus for retirees in May

As advanced Ambit, This Monday the decree was published in the Official bulletin through which the national administration decided to grant “a pension financial aid for a maximum amount of seventy thousand pesos ($70,000)which will be paid in the month of May 2024″.

The entire bonus will be collected by those who receive the minimum monthly salary. Those who are included in that group (including those who receive the Universal Pension for the Elderly), They will charge $70,000.

On the other hand, those who receive a higher income, the Government will pay a proportional amount of $70.00 until reaching $260,141.6.

Also included in this benefit will be “beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions for old age, disability, mothers of SEVEN (7) children or more and other non-contributory pensions and ex-gratia pensions whose payment is the responsibility of the ANSES.”


Decree 340/2024. New bonus of $70,000 for retirees.

ANSES retirements: in how many tranches are they paid in May 2024?

In the month of May, retirements and pensions managed by ANSES will be paid in a single tranche. This modification responds to the implementation of a new pension scheme and administrative adjustments.

This change will simplify the payment process and provide greater predictability to beneficiaries, aligning with the Government’s guidelines for more efficient management of resources allocated to social security.

How much will the minimum and maximum retirement be in May?

Regarding the precise amounts, during the month of May, the retirement minimum is set at $190,141.60. This represents an increase of 11% compared to the previous minimum of $171,283.31, and is calculated based on inflation measured in March.

On the other hand, the maximum retirement will reach $1,279,472.92establishing the upper limit of assets for that period.

Source: Ambito

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