Speed ​​camera detector from Ooono for 35 instead of 50 euros: The top deal on Monday

Speed ​​camera detector from Ooono for 35 instead of 50 euros: The top deal on Monday

Going on a bargain hunt is not that easy: you usually have to laboriously look for offers. Here you can easily get worthwhile deals at a glance.

Maybe you know this: In order to get a good offer, you often have to laboriously click from page to page, possibly register for the hundredth newsletter and then, in the most annoying case, fulfill other conditions. In short: bargain hunting often takes effort and time – and sometimes it’s nerve-racking. To make it easier for you to find the best deals, you will find worthwhile offers from various areas at a glance here: bargains such as tablets or smartphones, kitchen gadgets, garden tools or other everyday helpers.

The top deals of the week


29% discount: OOONO CO-Driver NO1: Warns of speed cameras and dangers in road traffic in real time, automatically activated after connection to the smartphone via Bluetooth, data from Blitzer.de, for 35 euros instead of 49.95 euros.

42% discount: Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation, 2021) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Anthracite, for 74.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros.

39% discount: Oral-B iO Series 4 Plus Edition Electric Toothbrush/Electric Toothbrush, PLUS 3 brush heads, case, 4 brushing modes, dental care, recyclable packaging, matt black, for 97.99 euros instead of 159.99 euros.


33% discount: Travel Pal trolley set Naples, 4 wheels, (3 pieces), for 119 euros instead of 299 euros.

21% discount: Apple AirPods 2nd Generation with Charging Case (2019) In-Ear Headphones (Noise Canceling, Voice Control, True Wireless, Compatible with Siri, Siri, Bluetooth, Compatible with iPhone, iPad Air / Mini / Pro, Watch, Mac Mini, iMac), for 125 euros instead of 159 euros.

34% discount: Tefal contact grill GC773D OptiGrill 2-in-1 with grill tongs, 2100 W, intelligent grill & BBQ, foldable, 9 auto programs, for 249.99 euros instead of 379 euros.


41% discount: esmara® women’s leisure suit, 2-piece, for 9.99 euros instead of 16.99 euros.

29% discount: CYBEX child car seat “Pallas M-Fix SL”, Group I-III, 9-36 kg, for 159 euros instead of 225.38 euros.

14% discount: MEDISANA Shiatsu massage cushion »MC 32-L«, with strap, for 29.99 euros instead of 34.99 euros.


31% discount: Salewa Latitude III tent, 3 people, 310 x 230 cm, cactus/grey, for 197.97 euros instead of 290 euros.

55% discount: Ledlenser PL6S Natural White LED Outdoor Lantern 750lm Rechargeable Camping Lamp, for 39.99 euros instead of 89.90 euros.

30% discount: Gardena battery trimmer ComfortCut 23/18V P4A 1x battery 2.5 Ah 1x charger AL1830CV, for 114.90 euros instead of 164.99 euros.


38% discount: Yves Saint Laurent, MYSLF, Eau de Parfum, for 47.54 euros instead of 77 euros.

70% discount: LAURA MERCIER, Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Oil Free, for 16.35 euros instead of 54.50 euros.

46% discount: LANCÔME, Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24H Wear & Comfort, for 27.77 euros instead of 52 euros.

food bowl

44% discount: Kerbl outdoor enclosure Apartment Pro, for 99 euros instead of 179 euros.

35% discount: MORE transport bag Heaven, for 35.74 euros instead of 54.99 euros.

35% discount: AniOne Woody ISO protective case, for 32.50 euros instead of 50 euros.

Baldur Garden

20% sale: Photinia hedge ‘Red Robin’for 3.99 euros instead of 4.99 euros.

40% discount: Thuja arborvitae hedge ‘Brabant’, for 2.69 euros instead of 4.49 euros.

36% discount: Bird of paradise flower, for 6.99 euros instead of 10.99 euros.


54% discount: DOLCE & GABBANA leggings for 69.99 euros instead of 155 euros.

28% discount: TOMMY HILFIGER wool coat, for 249.99 euros instead of 349.90 euros.

11% discount: ASICS trail running shoes TRABUCO MAX 3, for 159.99 euros instead of 180 euros.


Plus 200 GB: Vodafone is giving away additional data volume

Anyone who surfs the Internet a lot on their cell phone and streams videos could benefit from this deal. When you take out the Vodafone GigaMobil M tariff, the mobile phone provider currently adds 200 gigabytes of data volume in the fast 5G network. In addition, the basic fee is reduced by 20 percent for 24 months and the connection fee is waived. A good deal that allows frequent surfers to save money.

Offer details:

  • Plus 200GB: 250 instead of 50 gigabytes of data volume (up to 500 Mbit/s)
  • Flat rates: Telephone and SMS flat rate as well as EU roaming
  • Connection price: zero instead of 39.99 euros
  • Basic charge: 39.99 instead of 49.99 euros (20 percent discount for 24 months)
  • Minimum contract term: 24 Months
  • Tariff deal valid until: May 1, 2024

CallYa savings campaign: Now 100 gigabytes in the prepaid annual tariff from Vodafone

For prepaid fans who want to be independent of contract terms, Vodafone is offering twice the data volume for the CallYa annual tariff for a limited period of time. Instead of 50, Vodafone is currently offering a whopping 100 gigabytes for use within a year. This means flexible surfing for 365 days – without a contract or monthly debits. An all-network flat rate with SMS and telephone flat rates is of course also included.

Offer details:

  • CallYa annual tariff with + 50 GB additionally
  • 100 GB data volume in the LTE/5G network (500 Mbit/s)
  • Data volume can be freely divided over a year
  • Telephone and SMS flat rate as well as data roaming included
  • Cost: 99.99 euros for 365 days
  • Offer valid until: May 15, 2024


Tariff deal: Secure an all-net flat rate with 250 gigabytes on Freenet?

Freenet currently has an interesting deal for frequent surfers: the GigaMobil M tariff with all-net flat rate and 250 gigabytes in the Vodafone network. For new customers, Freenet increases the data volume from 25 gigabytes to a full 250 gigabytes. That’s a whopping 225 gigabytes more per month. In addition, the regular monthly basic price drops from 59.99 euros to 24.99 euros.

The details of the deal:

  • 25 GB data volume + 225 GB extra every month
  • 5G network with 300 Mbit/s in download
  • GigaDepot: take unused data volume with you into the next month
  • Flat rate for telephony, SMS and EU roaming
  • Price: 24.99 euros per month instead of 59.99 euros
  • One-off connection price: 29.99 euros

Mega SIM

Allnet-Flat: Four tariff offers without a connection price

If you are looking for a new mobile phone tariff with flexible cancellation options, you should take a closer look at this deal. The provider Mega SIM has a total of four tariffs in its portfolio, all of which can be canceled monthly and offer a high data volume of 25 to 140 gigabytes – with a download speed of up to 225 Mbit/s. Practical: Mega SIM currently offers a bonus for anyone interested – the connection price of 39.99 euros is completely waived. By the way, the discount on the tariffs is valid for life, so price increases are excluded.

Details about the offers:

  • 25 GB all-network flat rate (225 Mbit/s): 14.99 instead of 32.99 euros/month
  • 50 GB all-net flat rate (225 Mbit/s): 19.99 instead of 37.99 euros/month
  • 140 GB all-network flat rate (225 Mbit/s): 24.99 instead of 47.99 euros/month
  • Unlimited Smart (15 Mbit/s): 26.99 instead of 42.99 euros/month
  • The connection fee is waived for all tariffs
  • Duration: up to and including April 22, 2024

More tips for saving

There are new ways to save every day – but especially with discount campaigns like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday or Black Monday. If you sign up now for a free 30 day membership Amazon Prime Register, you can access lightning offers 30 minutes in advance. You can simply cancel your subscription after the discount campaign. So you benefit from the advantages, but you don’t have to pay anything for them. In addition, shipping costs are waived for Prime products.

By the way: You can also find information for numerous online shops here.

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