how much will it cost to travel starting in may

how much will it cost to travel starting in may

The Secretary of Transportation of the Nation established the new train fare schemes for AMBA services and the reference values ​​for regional and medium and long distance trains. It was from the resolution 01/2024 published this morning in the Official Gazette.

Regarding the railway services of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, which cover the Sarmiento, Roca, Mitre, San Martín, Belgrano Sur, Belgrano Norte, Urquiza and Tren de la Costa lines, the fare scheme will be as follows:

With registered SUBE card: $200 (Section 1), $260 (Section 2) and $320 (Section 3).

– UPLOAD without registering: $400 (Section 1) $520 (Section 2) $640 (Section 3).

With Social Rate: $90 (Section 1), $117 (Section 2) and $144 (Section 3).

Cash: $640.

At the same time, with the aim of improving the operating coefficientsthe Ministry of Transportation established new reference values ​​for long distance serviceswith a minimum and maximum margin of possible fare variation at the time they go on sale, and which are taken into account by Trenes Argentinos Operaciones to prepare the final values, according to commercial sales and demand criteria.

In this way, although will have its possible margins for future modification whether decreasing or increasing the value, Trenes Argentinos Operaciones estimates that the new tariff table For the first-year seats that will govern from May, it will be formed as follows:

Transportation increase: how much regional trains will cost

The Ministry of Transportation established the reference rates for the complete routes of the following services:

Sierra Train $1,300.

Paraná-La Picada $260.

The Loves – Cacuí $690.

Chorotis – Sáenz Peña $850.

Güemes – Campo Quijano $440.

– Valley Train $300.

Transportation increase: how much medium-distance trains will cost

A rate of $160 was established for the first section of each of the services: Cañuelas – Lobos; Cañuelas – Monte; Alejandro Korn – Chascomús; for the La Plata University Train; Villa Ballester – Zárate; Victoria – Chapel of the Lord; Merlo – Wolves; Moreno – Mercedes; González Catán – Navarro

Finally, transportation clarified that: “to make the new tariff scheme official and comply with all legal requirements, the Undersecretariat of Railway Transportation called for a citizen participation process, where users will be able to provide their opinions and/or proposals on the measure. It is estimated to have the new values ​​starting in May, but the deadlines may vary depending on the times of the administrative procedure,” he concluded.

Source: Ambito

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