The Government ratified its measure and expanded the protection action to 5 more companies

The Government ratified its measure and expanded the protection action to 5 more companies

The Superintendence of Health Services is advancing in Justice with a precautionary measure, the purpose of which is protect users of prepaid medicine companies against possible abuses in the determination of fee increases.

This precautionary action, undertaken by the Superintendenceis based on the need to preserve competition in the market, thus defending the principle of the free market against anti-competitive practices, such as the abuse of a dominant position and the unjustified imposition of increases in quotas.

The precautionary measure reaches 23 prepaid medicine companies

The scope of this precautionary measure is being expanded to cover a total of 23 prepaid medicine companies, which represent the 95% of the beneficiaries under this regime. The aim is to roll back the values ​​of the fees to 12/01/2023 and demand the refund to users of any increase that has exceeded inflation in the last four months.

It is important to highlight that this action does not constitute an intervention in the market, but quite the opposite: it is an initiative carried out by the Superintendence in its oversight function, with the purpose of making the indicators transparent and ensuring free competition in the sector.

He Governmentfor its part, has deregulated the health system with the intention of promoting freedom of choice for beneficiaries, allowing them to choose between Social and Prepaid Works.

This is part of a broader effort to promote competition and transparency among all actors involved, with the ultimate goal of establishing a more equitable, supportive and efficient health system.

It is important to mention that this precautionary measure is independent of another ongoing action related to cartelization, which is being investigated by the National Commission for the Defense of Competition.

What are the new companies covered?

He German Hospitalhe British Hospital, CEMIC, DDM Group SA and the Lomas de Zamora Medical Circle, are the new companies covered by this measure.

Meanwhile, the other prepaid that had already been included are OSDE, Swiss Medical, Omint, Galeno, Medicus, Accord Salud, Hospital Italiano, Medifé, Sancor, Essential Medicine, Prevention Health, Hominis, Avalian, Federada Salud, SIPSSA, OS Pasteur, Hierarchicos Salud and Met Córdoba.

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