Today the economic recession is more worrying than inflation

Today the economic recession is more worrying than inflation

The director of Aresco, Federico Aurelio, provided a snapshot of how the image of President Javier Milei is maintained and what could happen in the short term.


DLA Piper and Adcap Financial Group held the event “Provincial Public Finance: challenges and opportunities” at the Alvear Palace Hotel. The Director of the Consulting Firm ARESCO-JULIO AURELIO SA, also participated in the meeting to give a comprehensive vision of the political context, Federico Aurelio and the economist and Managing Partner of Equilibra, Diego Bossio.

To its turn, Federico Aurelioassured that “the president-elect Javier Milei presents a vocation for change that society was looking for and it was different from what Mauricio Macri represented to him in 2015 where he had to represent the continuity of many of the things that were happening at that time.”

The expert also considered that The positive and negative image remains stable despite the fact that after “this tremendous adjustment, 91% of Argentines consider that they have lost purchasing power”. He also assured that among those surveyed, This adjustment that is being made is not newbut it is in line with what President Javier Milei announced in the campaign.

“When we ask people who are losing purchasing power what is affecting them the most, what comes up is firstly the food and beverage category And in second place the item of public service rates“This marks a difference with what Mauricio Macri’s 2016 adjustment was in a context where there was less inflation and where clearly the main concern at that time was the rates of public services,” he added.

Regarding the personal economic situation, Aresco explained that only 10% of Argentines state that they have the same or better purchasing power than a few months ago, after There are 66% who tell you that it is worse and 19% that I am relatively well.

On the other hand, Aurelio stated that there is a temporary issue in the support for Javier Milei. The longer the recovery period extends, the less tolerance there is. Thus, among those who support him, 35% maintain their positive image even though we are worse at the end of the year, 13% doubt whether they will be able to maintain support and 6% will not support it if they are worse.

On the other hand, there is 43% of respondents directly have a negative image. In turn, among those surveyed, 55% believe that subsidies should continue compared to 41% who believe that rates should be updated. “Today the economic recession is more worrying than inflation,” Aurelio closed.

Source: Ambito

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