At the request of producers, the Government postpones the validity of a new requirement

At the request of producers, the Government postpones the validity of a new requirement

The Government postponed until July 1, 2025, the requirement for the number of kilos per bag of the quality promotion standards and technical configuration of cement production that is marketed in the country


At the request of the cement producersthe Government resolved leave without effect this Thursday, Wednesday, and until July 1 of next year, a point of the quality promotion standards and technical formation of the production of that construction product that is marketed in the country. These standards are established in the Technical Framework Regulation established by the former Secretariat of Commerce, Production and Labor.

It should be remembered that, through the Resolution 54/2018 of that organization, the Specific Technical Regulation was approved that establishes the technical quality and safety requirements that products identified as construction cements must meet. And, specifically, a point referring to the quantity that the containers should have generated controversy.

The aforementioned standard determined that cements sold packaged must have net contents maximum of 25 kilograms and established a 60 month period for compliance. In these days, the deadline will come to an end and the productive sector reached made it known, in the meetings held for this purpose, that is still in the process of adaptation of the production chains, as well as the acquisition and installation of the new machinery necessary for these purposes.

The Government gave a grace period

In this sense, the Government decided to postpone the entry into force of the standard until July 2025 and, during the aforementioned period, through its agencies, it will convene the productive sector in order to prepare a roadmap that defines deadlines and commitments in in order to comply with the obligation of the content maximum net of 25 kilos for the cement bags that are marketed in the country. In that period, producers will be able to adapt.

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