This 1,000 peso bill with an error can make you a millionaire

This 1,000 peso bill with an error can make you a millionaire

After reading this note, you probably won’t let go of the bills so easily without first checking the printing details.

1000 peso bill with printing error

Mariano Fuchila

The Numismatics without a doubt it has opened horizons still little explored in the importance of coins and the tickets. It is true that the Argentine peso is at very low levels in terms of its historical value, but this hobby, which continues to grow, downplays the aforementioned problem. Currently, Collectors are willing to pay exorbitant sums of money for these pieces. whose nominal value does not even represent 1%.

In Argentina, there is a 1,000 peso bill that It sells for 10 million pesos. And this is thanks to a printing error that makes it as unique as it is difficult to obtain, therefore, more valuable. The factors that are taken into account by collectors are: rarity, age, state of conservation and the demand they have in the market.

1000 bill printing error.jpg

What is the 1,000 peso bill with an error that sells for 10 million?

One of the errors is that the flowers found at the foot of the tree are different, in some bills larger, and in others smaller. The error that is repeated in both is that the river that should appear is not there.


What is numismatics

Numismatics is the science that is responsible for studying the collecting of coins, banknotes, medals and other objects related to the preservation of value and economic exchanges. It derives from the Latin numismatis, a variant of nomisma which means coin.

In modernity, this term is assigned to the scientific study of money in all its forms, from coins to pieces of historical, cultural or artistic nature that may have a high value when it comes to exchange or conservation in itself. A difference with collectors is that numismatists, in addition to the pleasure of preserving objects, are interested in their history and the acquisition of knowledge about them.

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