Dairy product sales fell almost 20% in the first quarter

Dairy product sales fell almost 20% in the first quarter

Strong decline in the consumption of dairy products in the first quarter of 2024 in all areas, from milk, yogurts, cheeses and desserts.

Blow to consumption: sales of dairy products fell almost 20% in the first quarter

Mariano Fuchila

He Dairy Industries Panel He reported that In the accumulated first quarter of the year, there was a drop of 18.7% in product volume and 15.2% in equivalent liters of milk (-16.1% in the daily average).

“It can be seen, a very significant drop in all items except cheeses, which fell by 8.8% in equivalent liters. Products with greater added and unit value such as very soft cheeses, grated cheeses, flavored milks, yogurts, flans and desserts showed a large drop associated with price increases and delays in purchasing power of the middle sector of the population that demands these products in greater quantities,” indicated the Argentine Dairy Chain Observatory.


Furthermore, they clarified from the study, “scenarios like the current one where there is a strong deterioration in the real income of the population, make informal sales proliferate which obviously no statistics can record and in addition products that replace dairy consumption due to price have grown strongly, such as striped, dairy drinks, margarines and other similar products.

The Dairy Balance, which has production values, stocks, imports and exports of official information, calculates consumption by difference. For the 1st quarter of 2024, it determined a drop in total consumption of 17.3% and 18.9% in per capita consumption, always measured in equivalent liters of milk. and on this occasion corrected in number of days of each quarter.

Sales (in thousands of liters), as of March of each year (refrigerated and non-refrigerated) have been occurring for the last 8 years. On the other hand, “it is clearly evident how non-refrigerated milks are growing in share to the detriment of refrigerated milks, but in the last three months there has been a reversal of that process, with refrigerated milks recovering some ground again,” OCLA concluded. .

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