Nicolás Dujovne suggested to Javier Milei to raise the retirement age to 68 years

Nicolás Dujovne suggested to Javier Milei to raise the retirement age to 68 years

Nicolas Dujovneformer minister of Economyexpressed his proposal to equalize the retirement age of women with that of men, and also carry both at 68 years old. The current retirement formula was imposed by decree by Javier Milei.

This movement would lead men to raise their retirement age by three years, while women would almost triple it, with eight: ”The retirement age has not been modified since 1993 and from then until now. Life expectancy in Argentina has increased three years”he expressed.

Dujovne, began his idea by explaining that “Argentina you have to change the retirement agewhich today is 65 years for men and 60 for women. If we look at the life expectancy of women, it is higher than that of men. In the world, there are no countries that have a difference of five years. Argentina with five years difference is of those that have the most differencewhen almost everyone is going to equal retirement.”

These statements were given within the framework of his participation in the NOA Economic Forumorganized by the Federalism and Freedom Foundation of Tucumán, where he added: ”Minimum would have to be 63 and 68keeping everything the same, but I would unify at 68. In the case of women, maternity periods could probably be taken into account to correct the retirement age. That would generate considerable savings and must be done gradually. In the case of men it can be done four months per year and in women one year per year.”

“If we look 10 years ahead, we could generate great savings, have a better fiscal result, better pensions, a fairer system. If we don’t do it, we will spend 14 points of GDP in ten years,” broad.

Nicolás Dujovne, against moratoriums

He also referred to eliminate moratoriums and establish a tiered system, where he highlighted that in the country there is a ”binary system”, and that ”he who contributed 30 years has a retirement and he who contributed 29 years and 11 months does not have a retirement. “It is common for us to blame the politics of the moratoriums.”

Likewise, he asked for “generate a system by which we can throw the key to the moratoriums out the window, let there not be any more. And that is done by generating a system that has some proportionality for years contributed, those who contributed 20 years will not have the retirement of those who contributed 30 years.”

And in addition to asking for the elimination of most of the privilege regimes that give rise to the possibility of early retirement, after explaining that “several benefits accumulate, we can see it with some former president, and that does not happen in the world. There is a transition period so that one can accommodate if the spouse dies, For a time, pension and retirement can coexist, but the benefits are individual. “Argentina spends close to two points of GDP on derived benefits.”

Retirements and law Bases: what is the Proportional Retirement Benefit, the system that would replace the pension moratorium

He National government advances in negotiations for Law Bases after obtaining the opinion in the Chamber of Deputies and waits to start the parliamentary debate next week. In this framework, what is the Proportional Retirement Benefit for retirements, the system that will replace the pension moratorium?

Through the new project, the Executive Branch expressed its intention to eliminate the pension moratorium through the second version of the omnibus law. This mechanism, used by about 800,000 people to retire Without complying with the 30 years of contributions required by the pension regulations, it would be nullified if the text is approved in its current form.

Javier Milei’s entourage, meanwhile, is hopeful that the omnibus law will be approved.

“I estimate that we are going to get between 140 and 150 votes for general approval. Surely there are going to be some topics that the UCR block tries to add in terms of labor. They wanted some more issues, but that hindered the negotiation with other blocks, so surely there will be some attempt at a proposal to incorporate something and we will see how it is debated in the room,” said the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos.

The approval of the section that refers to retirements In this framework, it would eliminate the pension moratorium and impose the Proportional Retirement Benefit.

Retirements: what the Proportional Retirement Benefit consists of

Once the pension moratorium has been eliminated, the Government will propose the Proportional Retirement Benefit, a financial assistance system for those who are 65 years old and do not comply with the 30 years of contributions required by Law 24,241 of the Integrated Retirement and Pension System.

According to the text that will be debated in Deputies, the creation of “the Proportional Retirement Benefit, for those people who have reached sixty-five (65) years of age of age and who do not comply with the requirement provided for in Article 19, Subsection “c” of Law No. 24,241 and its modifications”.

“The minimum assets for the beneficiaries of this retirement benefit will be established in article 14 of Law No. 27,260 and will only reach those people who meet the requirements established in article 13 of said law. The Executive Branch will regulate this article, within a period of no more than thirty (30) days and will establish the objective parameters for access to percentages that recognize the contributions actually made to the Argentine Integrated Pension System, and the conditions by which the benefit,” adds the regulations.

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