The first imported foods arrive and the Government hopes that they will accelerate the decline in inflation

The first imported foods arrive and the Government hopes that they will accelerate the decline in inflation

A month after the official announcement, the first products begin to appear on the shelves. What price do they have and what is the dispute in the sector?


A month ago, the national government announced the opening of imports for basic basket products, noting that they were detected “price increases above inflation”. The measure was implemented through a Communication from the central bank that provided facilities for foreign currency access to 150 products in the basic basket. At the same time, AFIP was added, suspending payment of taxes on these imports. But what is known so far?

Although there were already imported products on the shelves prior to the Government’s announcement, the fact is that they began to arrive in greater quantities in the first tranche of the bet, mainly from countries in the region such as Brazil and Uruguay.

According to what he was able to find out Ambit There are prices for all tastes: although some compete at almost a similar value to local products, others, especially the most gourmet ones, have price differences of up to 15%.

Imported food: the Government’s objective

The Commerce secretary who has already been working with the National Commission for the Defense of Competition, seeks to expand the offer to avoid cartelization and strengthen competition. Although we are looking for this to end impacting prices and therefore inflationmany sectors, especially SMEs, see their work in check.

According to a recent statement from Argentine SMEs Industriales (IPA), “opening the borders so that there is a flood of finished products only has one real effect: we import work from countries that do bet on the industry, which implies that we will eliminate local salaries, employment and also SMEs” and they requested regulation in trade exterior to avoid indiscriminate opening.

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