Changes in May: Higher flight prices, biofuel, hospital atlas

Changes in May: Higher flight prices, biofuel, hospital atlas

Flight tickets could become more expensive, drivers can probably use 100 percent biofuel, and the railway is retiring an app. An overview of all the changes that consumers will face in May.

What will change for consumers in May? An overview:

Higher ticket tax

Air travelers have to prepare for rising prices. As of May 1st, the ticket tax will rise by over 20 percent, depending on the distance, to a range between 15.53 and 70.83 euros per ticket.

100 percent biodiesel

In the future, drivers will also be able to fill up with diesel that is made 100 percent from waste materials such as chip fat. Until now, they could only be mixed with conventional diesel. The new regulation is expected to take effect from the beginning of May. An exact date is not yet known; the decisive factor is the publication in the Federal Law Gazette.

Information when buying a new car

Anyone who buys a new car will receive more information from the dealer from May 1st. Specific consumption and emissions information is required. The methodology for the CO2 color scale is also changing: As before, a car is classified from A (green) to G (red), but the weight no longer plays a role. The possible CO2 costs over ten years must also be shown.

DB route agent is retiring

Deutsche Bahn’s DB Route Agent smartphone app will be discontinued on May 2nd. With the offer, passengers could, for example, be alerted about current disruptions. In the future, this function will be available in the DB Navigator app.

Swiss traffic ticket

German illegal parkers or speeders who get a ticket in Switzerland will be asked to pay by the Federal Republic from May 1st. Conversely, Swiss traffic offenders can also be prosecuted more easily. The new regulation applies if the monetary claim exceeds a total of 70 euros or 80 francs.

More money for nursing staff

Employees in geriatric care will receive more money from May 1st. The minimum wage per hour increases to 19.50 euros for nursing staff, to 16.50 euros for qualified nursing assistants and to 15.50 euros for nursing assistants.

Clinic Atlas is to be launched

The state clinic atlas on the services offered and quality of treatment in the clinics is expected to be launched on May 16th. Patients should then be able to check online before a planned operation, for example, in which hospital the procedure was carried out and how often.

New field on ID cards

Anyone who applies for a new ID card or passport will find a new field when they pick it up in which a possible doctorate title can be entered. Titles had previously appeared before the last name, but this had irritated foreign border authorities. The new field is intended to simplify controls.

New KfW application round for heating funding

From the end of May, owners of apartment buildings and homeowners’ associations will also be able to apply for subsidies for heating replacement from the KfW development bank. Since the end of February, it has been the turn of owners of single-family homes. Up to 70 percent of the eligible costs for the purchase and installation of a new, climate-friendly heating system are subsidized.

AI warnings from Facebook Group

Starting in May, the Facebook group Meta will allow more photos and videos with warnings created or manipulated by artificial intelligence on its platforms instead of deleting them. The rules address content on important topics that could mislead the public.

Eurovision Song Contest

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) have to get used to a new voice: radio presenter Thorsten Schorn will comment on the final on May 11th for ARD, succeeding veteran presenter Peter Urban. Rule changes are intended to make the competition more exciting this time. This includes, among other things, the appearances of the five largest donors, including Germany. The so-called Big Five will also perform live in full in the two semi-finals. Nevertheless, these participants are still safe in the actual final. On the final evening, telephone and online voting will also be activated at the start of the first performance, so that you can cast your vote directly under the impression of the live experience.

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