How much do bank employees earn in May 2024

How much do bank employees earn in May 2024

Thus, an advance of 9% was agreed for Marchcumulative to the February salary, on all monthly remunerations, including additional.

The Banking Association reported that the increase reached 50% compared to December. With the CPI for the first two months in mind, the final percentage of the increase will be determined after knowing the March inflation.

How much bank employees earn in May

As a result, the starting salary amounted to $1,080,569.18 plus $39,045.78 pesos in profit sharing (ROE), adding up to a total of $1,119,614.95. Furthermore, the agreed percentages will also affect the Banking Daywhich will now reach $963,290.04.

In this way, the initial salary was $1,080,569.18 plus $39,045.78 profit sharing (ROE), which makes a total of $1,119,614.95. But this is not all when it comes to salary benefits.since the percentages established in the agreement also impact the Banking Day, which until now will be 963,290.04 pesos.

How much is the average salary?

In March, The average salary for supervisor and boss positions was $942,807 per month, with an increase of 18.58% compared to the previous month; in the semi-senior and senior categories it was 735,557 pesos per month, with an increase of 16.88%; and at junior levels it was $490,948 per monthwith an increase of 20.50%.

The highest accumulated increases in the average intended remunerations during the first quarter of 2024 at the semi-senior and senior levels are recorded in Others with 56.22%; Human Resources with 49.21%; Production, Supply and Logistics with 47.99%; Commercial with 47.68%; and Administration and Finance with 45.65%. All of these sectors have accumulated increases higher than the seniority average, which is 44.53%.

The intended salary is higher than in 2023

It is worth mentioning that The accumulated increase in the salary required in 2024 far exceeds that of the first quarter of 2023, which was 19.71% and also that of the last three months of the same year, which was 16.89%. But, Last year, only 24% of companies adjusted the equivalent of 100% of the consumer price index (CPI) in 2023., according to Carlos Contino, partner of CONA RH, and some that granted a one-time bonus or prize to get by. In short, each one “did what she could.”

Likewise, regarding workers’ expectations, there were also new developments. The average intended compensation It reached $706,426 in March, with an increase of 17.72% compared to February. In the first part of the year, the intended remuneration kept pace with inflation: in January, it was $510,935 per month and, in February, $600,105.

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